Monday, August 8

Draghi resigns and Italy heads for elections in the fall

“Sometimes even the hearts of central bankers are used…” Mario Draghi, visibly moved, thus commented on the applause he received in the Chamber on Thursday shortly before heading to the Quirinale Palace to meet with President Mattarella. After the very long day yesterday that began with the offer to the parties to renew the government pact that was broken a week ago and ended with the decision of the 5-Star Movement, the League and Forza Italia not to vote for confidence, Draghi has thrown in the towel, confirming his resignation as head of state. Italy is heading for elections next fall.

“I am going to see Mattarella to communicate my determination to him,” said the Prime Minister. And shortly after he has formally announced the end of his stage at Palacio Chigi. A statement from the Quirinale has definitively settled the speculations of the last few hours: the Government remains in office. Mattarella could have decreed the dissolution of Parliament and asked Draghi to stay until the elections in full office, since on Wednesday he formally passed the motion of confidence, with only 95 votes in favor and 133 present, less than the half of all senators. But the rope had been tightened too much on Wednesday and the decision of the head of state returns the responsibility to politics.

“We need a new, sincere and concrete pact of trust, like the one that has allowed us to change the country for the better so far. The parties and you parliamentarians, are you ready to rebuild this pact?” Draghi had asked the parliamentarians yesterday after last week the 5-Star Movement opened the crack in the coalition of a Government of national unity, which included all the big parties except the extreme right of the Brothers of Italy. In the morning, as the green bag attested, the most accredited hypothesis was that of a continuation of the Government experience based on a precise and clear program and the condition, set by Draghi, of not being subject to blackmail and ultimatums . But throughout the day everything happened and in the end, in the permanent electoral campaign in which the country lives, the majority has collapsed without remedy. The answer to Draghi’s question was negative. The games were not ready. But they are not either for the elections, because the events of the last few days have deepened the divisions that cross them and the schisms that the M5S experienced in recent weeks could be extended to other formations. To begin with, last night Minister Maria Stella Gelmini, one of the most prominent representatives of Forza Italia, announced that she was leaving Silvio Berlusconi’s party.

Since the 2018 elections, it is the third government that has burned in Parliament. Now the country is going towards an unprecedented electoral advance, because it has never voted in the fall, a time dedicated to ensuring the preparation and approval of budgets. The most likely date is October 2.

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