Saturday, September 25

Dragon Ball Super censored in Argentina for abuse scene | Digital Trends Spanish

In Argentina, the series Dragon ball super has some problems due to the recent broadcast of a chapter in which an episode of sexual violence is shown.

Given this, the Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity of the province of Buenos Aires filed a complaint with the corresponding authority, which carried out an analysis of the episode in question that contains a controversial scene that “naturalizes the abuse”, of according to the complaint.

The analysis concluded that it was a situation “of abuse and subjection by an older male towards an adolescent.”

The scene shows an interaction between the character named Master Roshi and a teenage girl, who tries to escape from a situation of sexual harassment. Despite the adolescent’s refusal, Master Roshi assures that her impulses are stronger and that she cannot stop, given the passivity of the rest of the characters who are present during the scene.

The official statement indicates that “the scene portrays how the young woman’s refusal is ignored by the teacher, who continues to force the encounter, while the other characters, visibly moved and anguished by the situation, silently observe the violent and abusive actions of the adult male ”.

The provincial government also assures that Warnermedia and Cartoon Network were receptive to the complaint, so the entire series was removed from the program schedule. The episode will also be edited and the rest of the episodes will be reviewed in case an editing is necessary, in case it is decided to put it on the air again.

Dragon ball super will have a new animated film, which will be released in 2022 and whose full name is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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