Sunday, September 25

Dragon Ball Super to Fortnite: what you need to know | Digital Trends Spanish

A long-awaited collaboration from fans was announced this Tuesday, August 16, it is about the addition of Epic Games of the event of dragon ball in Fortnite.

Not only will there be four playable characters from dragon ballbut is also adding themed quests, locations, items, and even dedicated areas to watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Gameplay Trailer

You can buy Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus in the store Fortnite game, and yes, there are multiple Super Saiyan styles for Goku and Vegeta. Epic will also sell Dragon-themed backblings, gliders, and emotes. dragon ball.

There are a number of changes, including elements dragon ball specials (like one that allows you to pull out the legendary Kamehameha beam) and the addition of the Kame house, where you can visit Bulma. Epic will also offer a special adventure island offer dragon ball and maps to watch the episodes Dragon Ball Super. a new tab dragon ball in the game menu will track your progress as you complete the new missions dragon ball to win Dragon Balls, and if you collect all of them, you will get a special glider.

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