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Drones Fall From The Sky Amid Failed Show In China | Digital Trends Spanish

A show featuring 200 drones went horribly wrong in the city of Zhengzhou in China, when they began to fall from the sky and forced spectators to run to protect themselves from an accident.

Everything took place in the middle of a drone choreography in a shopping center in the center of the city. The drones formed the name of the store in the air, until suddenly some of them went out and fell on those who were observing the scene.

However, the positive news is that no injuries were reported among the 5,000 people who were watching the show. A witness to the incident said that “more and more drones began to fall” and some went to hit very far from the place, while store employees collected the remains of those who fell nearby.

Drones raining from the sky in Zhengzhou 😬

Word on the street is that a rival drone company that lost the bid interfered to overwhelm the drones nav system!

& mdash; Sheel Mohnot (@pitdesi) October 4, 2021

According to the organizers, the problem was about “operational errors”, although it is not entirely clear what caused them.

But according to the site Kanzhagi, It is also suspected that the accident was caused intentionally by a competitor of the company that put on the show and that ultimately did not win the tender. This was reported to the police, who are already investigating whether the accusation is real or not.

Drone shows and choreography are becoming more and more frequent and are highly sought after by companies. Without going any further, at the Tokyo Olympic Games a show with more than 1,800 drones was mounted for the opening ceremony and fortunately, everything went as expected.

However, situations like the one that occurred in China recently could become more frequent as drone choreographies do the same.

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