Wednesday, October 27

Dropbox founder believes that 40 hours in the office will die | Digital Trends Spanish

In an interview with CNN, Dropbox founder Drew Houston claimed that the 40-hour week at the office is a thing of the past and that the pandemic changed work forever.

Houston, in fact, believes that the 40-hour week could soon die and that thus, workers will be freed from the “exhausting commuting” of the past, having more control over how to schedule their workday.

For the tycoon, the impact of the pandemic on the way of working will be comparable to the impact of mobile technology and the cloud.

“I also see that the 40-hour work week in the office will finally become a thing of the past,” Houston noted.

“The workplace will now be wherever you work, and the workweek will be when you work best for each person.”

According to the founder of Dropbox, this would allow companies to “go beyond exclusive urban groups” when hiring and thus attract more talent.

This poses several challenges for the parties involved, one of them is that companies and workers will both have to rethink the social contract.

In October 2020 and when the world was facing the worst moment of the health crisis, Dropbox made the decision to become a virtual company, announcing that all employees could work from home permanently.

In the last year, many other companies have also opted for the hybrid format, which allows some days to operate remotely and others in person in the office.

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