Wednesday, December 7

Dua Lipa says she will act in Qatar only when the country meets its human rights commitments

Despite recent rumors about her presence at the opening ceremony of the soccer World Cup, Dua Lipa has announced that she will not be in Qatar. He has announced it in a story, a temporary post on your instagram profilein which he states that he very much wants to visit the emirate, but that he will only do so “when the country respects the human rights commitments it acquired when it became the venue” for the tournament.

The 27-year-old British singer has stated that she will support the England National Team in the competition, which starts on the 20th of this month, but that she will do so from her home. “I am looking forward to visiting Qatar when she has fulfilled all the human rights promises that she made when she obtained the right to organize the World Cup”, the artist has sentenced. “I will not be acting nor have I ever been involved in any negotiation to act”, she has assured to deny some rumors that had circulated about a possible performance by the artist at the opening ceremony of the tournament.

Dua Lipa’s announcement comes the same week that the streamer Ibai Llanos has announced that he renounced an offer to travel to the emirate with the Spanish team. “What fault do people have? [dijo, sobre los futbolistas que acuden]. In the end, think of an 18-year-old kid who likes football, what can he do against a gigantic infrastructure that decides through I don’t know how many cases of corruption that the World Cup is held in winter in Qatar? There are things above any person. The only thing you can do is not see it. You as an individual is what you can bring to the table,” she argued.

This year’s 2022 World Cup is held in Qatar, a dictatorship that is governed by a very harsh interpretation of Islamic law that punishes homosexual relationships with prison and discriminates against women. Just a few days ago, the World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman stated that homosexuality is “mental damage” and, furthermore, a haraam (a sin, something prohibited or illegal), according to the legislation of the emirate.

That legislation provides prison sentences of up to ten years for consensual sexual relations between people of the same sex. The current criminal code also establishes sentences of between one and three years in prison for those who “instigate” or “persuade” other people to commit acts of “sodomy or immorality.”

Criticism for holding the most followed international sports tournament in the world in a country with such a history has also come from coaches and soccer players. The technical director of Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, recently charged against the organization while making self-criticism: “There have been many opportunities to denounce the situation […] We are all guilty,” he assured at a press conference. Klopp also referred to the working conditions of the workers who have participated in the construction of the stadiums.

“It is not good for a person to be in the sun doing physical work. But nobody has thought about those workers. There have been many opportunities to denounce him since the award of the World Cup. Two or three years to say, ‘By the way, this is not right.’ A lot of people have wanted to make money for the wrong reasons,” she noted.

An investigation published by the British newspaper The Guardian More than a year ago, it revealed that more than 6,500 immigrant workers had died during the construction of the stadiums in which the national teams will play starting on November 20. In 2010, when Qatar was chosen as the venue, the emirate began the construction of seven stadiums, as well as numerous infrastructures, an airport and several hotels. The organizations accuse the Government not only of not ensuring the protection of the workers, but also of not investigating the cause of the deaths.

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