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Due to censorship, China changes the ending of “Fight Club” | Digital Trends Spanish

Tencent Video, one of the main platforms for streaming movies and series in China, released a censored version of the cult film The fight Clubinterpreted by many as a criticism of capitalism and consumerism.

The film, which you can watch on Netflix, is about a disenchanted office worker (Edward Norton) who finds new meaning in his life when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), who runs a fight club.

The plot ends with a fiinal in which Norton causes a series of explosions in banks that end up restarting the economy. However, if you see it in China through platforms subject to government control, the end is different.

according to a note published in Vicethe mythical final scene is replaced by a series of black screens with text in which it is said that in the end, the police arrest Norton (his character is an anonymous narrator), who is sent to an asylum to receive treatment due to that, as manifested in the plot, Durden and Fight Club are hallucinations.

chinese censorship "The fight Club" and gives it an ending in which the law triumphs.

Basically, the intention of Chinese censorship is to hide from all possible means any incitement to insurrection, of whatever kind.

In case you were wondering, the censorship The fight Club it’s already viral, so there’s already a cut on YouTube showing the infamous alternate ending. Don’t expect anything spectacular.

What will director David Fincher say?

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