Wednesday, February 21

Due to COVID-19, dialogue between the PAN and the Government was postponed: Creel

The dialogue tables for the electrical, electoral and other issues reforms between the PAN and the Ministry of the Interior were postponed due to the high contagions that reached some of the negotiators and political operators, clarified the PAN representative Santiago Creel Miranda.

However, the legislator claimed that “it would be prudent to start with those of us who are present” and called on the federal government “to show greater willingness” to continue and advance in the promised process.

In an interview, Creel Miranda asked that “the dialogue not be postponed any longer and that the dialogue be launched” in order to “address substantive issues for the national agenda and seek coincidences on security, health and economic issues.”

He regretted that “the meeting” between Segob and the PAN members was postponed again, “it is very clear that the party is fully willing and what we want to verify is that it also exists on the part of the government.”

The also vice president of the Board of Directors explained that this postponement was due to some COVID-19 infections of those who would participate in the work tables; however, it would be wise to begin “with those of us”.

He trusted that it will be the last postponement, “that we already start to discuss the substantive issues of the national agenda and seek coincidences in what the country is asking for on the issue of security, health, pandemic, on the distribution of medicines and the reactivation of the economy, how to lower inflation, how to lower interest rates, how to achieve greater investments. These are the country’s big problems, that’s what we want to talk about”.

He also commented that in the ordinary period of sessions that began this Tuesday “the priority for the government is the constitutional reform in electrical matters, however, for the PAN the urgency is to direct the work towards generating better jobs, broader health coverage and how to safeguard citizens without militarizing the National Guard.”

“For the PAN it is more important that the economy be reactivated, because the economy is the jobs we need, the fight against poverty, income from taxpayers for the government that strengthens social policy. So, we need to pay close attention to the economy, to insecurity, we have 105 thousand violent homicides in the first years of government; this is the balance of a war”, he commented.

He remarked that “if the government wants to distract from these problems and directs the conversation to an ideological and demagogic debate on the electric issue, the PAN will give a negative response to its reforms or to what they propose.”

“If you want to have a serious debate, of reasons, technically verifiable ideas, objectively we can see if there is a field of coincidences, but not in the reform that they have proposed, but in a new one that we can build together,” he said.