Monday, February 26

‘Dungeons & Dragons’: the thousand mutations of a classic role-playing game (Paper Labyrinth 2×10)

‘Dungeons & Dragons’, more than a role-playing game, is today a myth for fans of fantasy and interactive storytelling. In ‘Paper Labyrinth’, the fantastic literature podcast that we do at Engadget in collaboration with the Minotauro publishing house, we know it and We pay tribute to it with a review of what it has meant to generations of fans.

Our excuse is a couple of new releases of the many that arrive every month at the bookstores related to the franchise. To help us we have an expert, Eleazar Herrera, writer of fantasy genre books like ‘Wes Marino’, but above all, a regular player from ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and an expert in her lore and influence.

What we have on the table this time are a small collection of initiation guides to ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ for young players, but they have surprised us by their synthetic summary of the canon of the franchise, which goes far beyond what was initially expected under its category of youth book. And we rounded off the selection with a great cookbook based on the game’s vibrant and varied fantasy worlds.

They are two approaches to the franchise, which has grown over the years to become an entertainment behemoth whose books go far beyond bestiaries and rulebooks. This ‘Paper Labyrinth’ program proves it by reviewing the thousand and one stories that ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ has generated and reflecting on why after all years it is still as current as ever.

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