Monday, September 26

Duolingo Math: The owl now teaches you math | Digital Trends Spanish

The language teaching application, Duolingonow wants to pass the levels of knowledge to science, and announced Duolingo Math, where the owl is determined that you learn mathematics.

In fact the pen is now a cube.

Starting with multiplying 1, the topics that follow include division, fractions, area, perimeter, angles, telling time, and other things that I promptly forgot how to do as soon as I graduated from high school. You get a vertical progression of lessons that build on each other as you go.

Lessons are equally quick, taking less than two minutes to complete. You watch your little circles fill up as you complete the lessons. If you don’t study as often as you should, you get a passive-aggressive notification from the Cubic Bird of Prey.

Duolingo’s Path to Math! • Sammi Siegel • Duocon 2022

The similarities between the two apps aren’t a coincidence, says Sammi Siegel, the senior software engineer who built “most of what you see” into the new math program.

“We have all these different mechanics to keep people engaged. We wanted to take everything we’ve learned from language teaching and apply it to another subject,” Siegel tells TheVerge.

“Whether it’s calculating the tip on a check or changing the portions of a recipe, math is really essential to our lives,” says Siegel. “We also know that there is a proliferation of math anxiety where people are not fully comfortable with their math skills. We believe that with a fun and engaging app, we can cut that and break it for people.”

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