Wednesday, August 4

Dutch investigative journalist who was the victim of a shooting in Amsterdam dies

Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries, who specializes in investigating organized crime in the Netherlands, died this Thursday as a result of the shooting he was a victim of last Tuesday in the center of Amsterdam, according to the reporter’s family. .

“Peter fought to the end, but he couldn’t win the battle. We are immensely proud of him and at the same time with an inconsolable feeling ”, the relatives have written in a statement.

The reporter has died at the age of 64, in the presence of his family in a hospital in Amsterdam, where he has been fighting for his life for more than a week, with very serious injuries.

The journalist was the victim of a shooting on July 6 in the afternoon in the center of Amsterdam, when he was leaving the television studios of a program in which he frequently participated as an expert on organized crime. The attacker fired five times and one of the shots hit De Vries’s head.

Two suspects arrested

After the shooting, the Dutch police arrested two people as suspects in the shooting near The Hague, who are under arrest pending trial.

A 35-year-old man of Polish nationality, who officially resides in the city of Maurik (central Netherlands), is – according to various local media – Kamil E., who allegedly was driving the car with which the perpetrator of the shooting gave to the escape from the center of Amsterdam, until he was arrested on the highway near The Hague.

The other arrested, a 21-year-old from Rotterdam, is the one who allegedly shot De Vries and – also according to the local press – is called Delano G., a Dutch man with several police records since he was a teenager and was sentenced to 10 months in juvenile detention when he was 17 years old.

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