Saturday, February 24

Dyson Zone, the first headphones with an air purifying filter | Digital Trends Spanish

If you only see the image and they don’t explain what it is, you probably think that it is something related to science fiction. But no, the new Dyson Zone is a product that is half hi-fi headphones, half air purifier, which we will be able to buy soon.

Dyson is one of the most recognized manufacturers of high-end vacuum cleaners and purifiers on the market, but its pulse has not wavered when it comes to launching this curious product that is included in wearable technology.

The Dyson Zone offers noise cancellation and surround sound while applying purified airflow to your nose and mouth. Dyson says that this product is intended to address air quality and noise pollution problems in large cities.

According to Dyson, this is Dyson’s first wearable purifier that captures urban pollution such as gases, allergens and solid particles. Compressors located in the earcups draw air through double-layer filters, while a negatively charged electrostatic filter captures ultra-fine particles such as allergens and particles from brake, combustion and industrial construction dust.

The compressor channels purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth through a visor that does not touch the face, made up of flexible pieces, a design similar to the halter worn on horses.

The product will start shipping in the fall and there’s no word on pricing for now, but it’s possible it’ll be similar to high-end noise-canceling models like those from Bose or Sony.

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