Monday, January 17

E-Bango confirms impersonation attempt to its service channels

E-Bango Assets Trust & Corporate Services, an online banking services project directed and administered by Uph & Blue Sociedad Minera and Ewex Group, in the face of the latest attempts by other entities to obtain the undue capital raising, informs its interested parties that the only official channels Customer service linked to your project are: and

“Recently an impersonation attempt was detected using our future activity under a site that had the name Ebangocard and they used logos for some malicious purpose. He was denounced and discharged immediately, but it was important for the company to prevent and clarify this situation to the collaborators ”, they explain from the entity. E-Bango Trust is in the final stages of certification with the Lithuanian Financial Control Body, from which point it will be able to formally present its digital banking services as a registered company. Currently, it manages business support projects under investment agreements to give sustainability to the future digital banking, once it has the capacity authorized under current legal regulations. This will be a guarantee on any financial activity that they carry out with E-bango as they are covered by a deposit guarantee fund. E-Bango since 2022 The forecast is that, during the first weeks of 2022, the 19 financial verticals created around the wellness ecosystem may be published and updated in their apps. This means that the issuance of an account, the generation of metal deposits, the personal multi-currency account with your Mastercard or Visa card will now be available … a catalog of financial services that will make this platform one of the most user-friendly on the market with tools that In addition, they provide the security demanded in the 21st century and that are currently absent in most digital banking platforms. Currently, in Spain alone, they have more than 2000 users as beta-testers of the core that has been gradually developed with the help of these people, which means that the verticals that will come out soon comply with the way of understanding the finances of Spanish society, with the guarantees of the Central Bank of Lithuania for those who bet on taking a step towards financial well-being banking, future of online banking proposals. is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of this or any other related information