Tuesday, February 27

E-commerce continues to grow and consolidate; national and international purchases are the most chosen

The e-commerce it has established itself as a trend in recent years. Latin America is a great consumer of products through internet sales and in Panama, from time to time, the percentage of users who access it has grown.

Technological advancement, the arrival of the pandemic and the improvement of e-commerce They have marked a path and the experience of buying online has become increasingly safer and faster. E-commerce for purchasing locally and internationally has grown by approximately 40% in 2020 alone in the country.

Within online shopping, a trend that is accentuated is the option of doing it abroad, with one in four customers preferring this alternative. Although many people use this method of purchase to obtain products for personal use, more and more SMEs and entrepreneurs choose to acquire supplies or merchandise internationally for their businesses.

Through the e-commerce You can access a wide variety of product options, of various brands, sizes and colors; and to different ways of payment.

About 50% of the operations are concentrated in the following three platforms: Amazon, Ebay y Walmart.

For almost 30 years, in AIRBOX We are dedicated to making purchases made abroad reach the homes of Panamanians, offering a transparent experience, which gives security to users that they can buy quickly and easily. In these years, we have seen how e-commerce has grown and consolidated, and we have adapted to it.

Pandemic restriction measures in 2020 caused online shopping to increase – many people did it for the first time.

This end of the year, most of those folks have continued to shop in this way as they have discovered its cost advantages and being able to choose from the comfort of their home or office.

The data support it, since according to a study carried out by the market research company KANTARLast year, more than 10 million people bought mass consumer goods for the first time through electronic commerce in Latin America.

The regional categories with the highest demand were fashion, fitness, technology and home

Today’s consumers know that buying online locally and internationally is the best option to personalize an order and obtain products that many times are not available in a physical location due to their quality, model or size if we talk about clothing.

The ease of doing it from a mobile phone or tablet at any time of the day is also valued by users.

Additionally, we have detected that clients want to be advised by real people when they need it in the face of questions that may arise or possible inconveniences.

Immediacy, detailed product information, ease and multiple payment methods are the four factors that have been improved and that are key for a person to decide to buy online.

Listening to customers and their experiences marks the way to go to enhance the e-commerce in Panama and that it continues to be the purchasing channel that is most chosen, due to its attributes and benefits.

Keith Blume