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E50i, the new cell phone with 3 rear cameras from Hisense | Digital Trends Spanish

the chinese company Hisense and with a presence in Mexico for 11 years, it presented its new E50i smartphone.

Hisense’s E50i device stands out not only for its innovative Glass Cover design that offers a unique experience in games and movies thanks to its 6.52″ screen with U – Infinity Display design, but also for its large battery capacity, speed of operation, processing and its four cameras with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system that allow it to offer a more robust equipment in terms of image quality.

“With this new launch, we seek to continue providing Mexican consumers with the best mid-range smartphone experience to exceed all their expectations of entertainment and communication at the best value and a fair price,” said Manuel Medina, Marketing and Public Relations Director of Hisense Mexico.

The importance of design

Hisense’s new E50i offers users a Glass Cover design with curved edges that, in addition to being elegant, turns out to be functional because it is precisely these terminals that make the equipment less vulnerable to falls.

In the same way, the curved edges offer the user an improvement in grip, making everyday tasks such as talking on the phone or sending messages to the most complex ones such as playing video games more comfortable.

U Screen – Infinity Display and Smart Antenna

The U – Infinity Display design with 6.52” HD + Waterdrop takes over the screen of the Hisense E50i making it vibrant and authentic colors that, as its name says, resemble a drop of water at the top of the screen , making the design able to offer a more realistic experience in games or movies, and for uninterrupted stability during gaming sessions, the Smart Antenna provides the best 5G Wi-Fi connection.

3 rear cameras and one front

Hisense knows how important it is for users to be able to capture every moment on their devices, which is why the new E50i smartphone offers a 50 MP main camera, a 2 MP DOF camera and a 2 MP macro camera, all accompanied by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system.

In addition, anyone can feel like an expert with the Pro Mode function that prevents the RAW format from compressing the photos, thus capturing all the information of the original image, not to mention that with the Hisense E50i users can forget if it is day or night, since with the super night mode you will only have to enjoy the result.

Without a doubt, its front camera with 8MP and F/2.0 focal aperture is a plus, it will capture the perfect selfie, in addition, the Hisense E50i has technology that adapts to the users’ skin tone to obtain perfectly balanced images.

large battery capacity

5000 mAh and OTG reverse charging are the key to the Hisense E50i battery that will allow its users to keep up with all the amazing things, from taking photos, continuing to watch your series, listening to music and playing games, all without worrying. for the battery charge because it will last more hours!

With a battery of this class, Hisense could not skimp on the speed of operation and processing, which is why the device has 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, expandable to 256 GB, in addition to a 12-nanometer MediaTek Helio G37 Octacore , with 4 cores of 2.3 GHz and 4 of 1.8 GHz, which will make the interaction in games and applications more fluid than ever.

Dual unlock method

Along with other Hisense devices, the E50i has a dual unlocking method consisting of a 360 ° interactive Fingerprint and a Face ID system that recognizes 194 features of the face, achieving unlocking in 0.5 seconds.

The new E50i smartphone will be available from mid-October at AT&T starting at $3,599 pesos, with an introductory promotion of $3,199.

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