Wednesday, October 20

EA assigns five of its accessibility patents | Digital Trends Spanish

Electronic Arts has just taken a historic step for the video game industry. The popular North American studio has announced that it will give away its accessibility-related patents and technology for free so that other developers and small studios can create video games with inclusion-based features.

EA has patented some of the most important accessibility options in the industry, some of them applied in popular titles such as FIFA, The Sims or Apex Legends. The company explains in your statement There will be five patents assigned, all focused on accessibility and designed to help players with visual, hearing and cognitive disabilities.

Among the patents is his system for color blindness or the Ping system that he uses Apex legends and with which people who cannot verbally communicate with their teammates, can give crucial information accurately with the push of a button.

“We believe that games should be accessible to everyone. For a long time, our internal teams have been committed to breaking down barriers for our players. But to create meaningful change we need to work together as a sector. The Accessibility Patent Pledge we are filing today is intended to inspire and motivate others to introduce pioneering and creative technologies. The pledge offers our competitors and developers free access to our accessibility-focused patents to make their own video games more inclusive, ”EA says in its statement.

EA has published the source code at GitHub of all these accessibility tools and you can use them without paying royalties.

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