Saturday, October 16

EA Sports Registers Possible New FIFA Name | Digital Trends Spanish

EA Sports could be planning a future where its soccer games are not licensed by FIFA. This would imply a name change and for this, they are already registering potential trademarks.

One of those marks was found in the middle VGC and reveals that EA Sports registered the name of EA Sports FC at the patent and intellectual property offices of Europe and the United Kingdom.

The record of EA Sports FC may be no more than a preventive measure, in case finally a FIFA be renamed. But maybe it has to do with registering your own name, which has even already been seen within the game as a social hub in which to review various multiplayer options, as it appeared since FIFA 15.

The company behind the recent FIFA 22 revealed last week that it is considering renaming its soccer games going forward and ditching the FIFA brand as such. All this occurs just when the contract between EA Sports and FIFA is soon to come to an end: the current one, signed in 2013, ends in 2022 and both parties will have to negotiate to see what happens next.

But the truth is that EA Sports has good reason to think that perhaps it does not need the FIFA name or brand, since most of the agreements with leagues, teams and players that are present within the game are individual agreements. Therefore, a future EA Sports Football 24 could have the same content as the current game, without being negatively impacted by the name change.

Or maybe this is all a negotiation tactic from EA Sports to get a more favorable deal for their future games.

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