Friday, February 3

Earning 140% a year is possible with the IBEX 35 farms

The pharmacists of IBEX 35, except Rovi, had a complex stock market performance in 2021. The evolution of the business caused sales by investors and criticism by experts.

The declines meant that they failed to reach the average consensus price target for the year. Despite the performance of the business, experts insist that they still have the capacity to greatly improve their price this year.

Thus, investors who bet on pharmaceutical companies on the IBEX 35 can see their investments skyrocket by 142.8 percent if they bet on all the components of the sector of the main index of the Spanish stock market.

Pharmamar It is the pharmaceutical value of the IBEX 35 that signs a greater run. The consensus calculations show that the titles can go from the current 56 euros to 91.04 euros in a year.

The uptick corresponds to a greater than 60 percent potential for a stock tied to volatility because of Aplidin, its antiviral bet against the coronavirus.

Pharmamar’s business is going, but not the price

The experts insist that the company’s business is clear, that the evolution of the investigations and commercial agreements with third parties is correct and that the products it already markets, Yondelis Y Zepzelcathey behave correctly.

Instead, the price is still linked to the volatility of this drug that made it fall 20.48 percent last year or be able to rise 20 percent in one session and fall 13 percent the next.

For this reason, most experts show caution and 50 percent of the analysts included in the Bloomberg panel prefer to “maintain” the positions in the value, for the 37.5 percent that urges to “buy” titles and the 12.5 percent advising investors to “sell” positions.

Grifols, to returns with the debt

Grifols follows Pharmamar with a potential of 45 percent, which would take the value to 24.54 euros over a year from the 16.5 on which it is currently listed, after closing 2021 as the second worst value of all selective to fall 29.33 percent.

Grifols’ business continues to be affected by the drop in plasma donations due to the coronavirus, while the company insists that this year will be the year of recovery in price levels at the outbreak of Covid-19.

Another point that worries the market is the company’s debt levels.

The company is working on it by increasing corporate operations and thus convincing investors and experts with agreements such as the one signed with the Singapore fund, which involved an injection of 800 million euros.

In addition, it contemplates the use of its own liquidity to reduce the leverage with operations, such as the possible repurchase of up to 876 million euros of bonds to continue reducing its liabilities.

Experts trust the company’s forecasts as 63.3 percent of them recommend “buying” shares, 31.8 percent recommending “hold” and 4.5 percent preferring “sell”.

Almirall clings to a new drug

The upside potential of Almirall One year ahead it is 30 percent which would take the value to €14.03 from the €10.7 it is trading at now, based on the average market consensus target price.

Analysts close ranks on the pharmaceutical company, which does not register any “sell” recommendation, although the difference between those who choose to “buy” and those who prefer to “hold” is small, 60 percent and 40 percent respectively.

Almirall’s shares closed 2021 with a slight increase of 3.48 percent on the IBEX 35 and now it is holding on to a new drug to boost shares and turnover in the coming years.

Is about Lebrikizumab, a novel atopic dermatitis treatment licensed in conjunction with Eli Lilly which in the latest pre-market phase three study demonstrated significant improvement in skin and itch relief when combined with topical corticosteroids.

Worldwide marketing applications start this year. Almirall will sell it exclusively in Europe and Eli Lilly will do the same in the United States.

Rovi keeps shining

Rovi is the one that offers the least potential, just over 5.5 percent, but it comes from rising 94.72 percent last year.

Despite this, analysts close ranks and the vast majority advise “buying” titles and none of them “selling”. Consensus assessments place Rovi as the pharmaceutical company preferred by experts among all those involved in the fight against the coronavirus.

The market values ​​its high visibility, the solidity of the business and its ability to exceed the guides quarter after quarter offered, in addition to the agreement with Modern for the manufacture of its vaccine against Covid-19.

In addition, 2022 will mean the landing in the market of Risperidona ISM, drug against schizophrenia, and in 2023 it will arrive Letrozol, Against the breast cancer.