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Echo Buds 2 vs. Sony LinkBuds, which ones should you buy? | Digital Trends Spanish

You are probably wondering why we are facing two headphones that a priori do not have many similarities. Well, the reason is that both are the best in their class, as well as the latest that Amazon and Sony have released. Thus, it is possible that you are not sure which ones suit you according to your needs.

As we saw in their in-depth review, the Sony LinkBuds are unlike anything we’ve tried so far, as they have an open-ring design instead of the classic in-ear format. Their shape means that they do not have active noise cancellation; Similarly, the sound is spectacular.

In the case of the second generation Echo Buds, we have impeccable sound accompanied by the advantage that Alexa is always available.

That said, let’s see what each one offers us and, therefore, which model is best for you to buy.


The Sony LinkBuds are very small and only weigh 4 grams. Their rings are inserted into the ear canal and are held with small rubber bands. Sony packs four sizes of adapters in the box so you can use the best one for you.

The Echo Buds 2 have a more common design, feel light on the ears, and Amazon includes three pairs of tips in different sizes and fins. The latter are optional and serve to provide a firmer fit.

That said, Amazon headphones offer more possibilities to adapt them to our needs. In the personal I find them more comfortable than those of Sony, because As I had in my analysis, after wearing them for a long time I noticed a slight discomfort in the ear.

If you are looking for a product to go out and exercise, both are perfect, as they are IPX4 certified.

Sound quality and features

In this section, the first thing you should keep in mind is what you want to use the headphones for, because with the Amazon Echo Buds 2 you have ANC (active noise cancellation), but not with the Sony LinkBuds.

As for the sound quality, we must take into account the size of the driver, since the larger it is, the better the depth of the bass. In this case both have a 5mm driver.

Regarding the functions, they have an integrated voice assistant. In the case of LinkBuds, Google Assistant or Alexa; with the Echo Buds 2, just Alexa.

Battery duration

When we talk about wireless headphones, the battery is a point that we should not overlook. In this aspect, we have a longer duration with the Amazon headphones, since these offer almost seven hours of autonomy with a single charge and 19.5 with the case.

In the case of the LinkBuds, they are capable of giving a range of 5.5 hours with continuous playback. Counting the charge of the case we arrive at 17.5 hours.

The cases of the two models are charged with USB-C, although the Echo Buds 2 also offer wireless charging (Qi), an important advantage to take into account, since it allows you up to three more complete cycles without having to carry the cable. .


As you can see, each model is good at its own, plus they have some similar features. However, if you want headphones to be able to concentrate, it is better to opt for those from Amazon, but if you do not want to miss anything that happens around you without giving up audio quality, those from Sony may be a good option.

Another issue is the price, the LinkBuds are $179 dollars while the second generation Echo Buds are $85 dollars.

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