Tuesday, July 5

Ecologists respond to businessmen: “The expansion of the El Prat Airport is unfeasible and speculative”

More than 300 social, neighborhood, environmental, agricultural and academic organizations have joined their voices this Wednesday against the expansion of the El Prat Airport. In a unitary act at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona, ​​they have called on the Generalitat and the town councils involved to oppose any expansion of infrastructures and have replied to Aena and the employers’ associations that defend the macro-project.

At the discretion of the neighborhood and environmental entities, the expansion of the Airport is “unjustifiable, unviable and speculative” given the context of climate and social crisis. In addition, they believe that the operation goes against the general interest and only favors banks, construction companies and Aena’s shareholders, reports the ACN. For now, the Generalitat has created a table to try to agree on a position, although without closing itself to Aena’s proposal.

The organizations denounce “opacity” because no project has been presented publicly, and Aena’s forecast lacks, according to the entities, the necessary technical, social, environmental, economic and financial justification. Critics also regret that the response given by the Generalitat and the municipalities involved has been to propose new investments to promote the growth of aviation with the connection of El Prat with Girona and Reus through high speed.

The entities recall that 60% of the territory of the Delta del Llobregat has already been lost and reiterate that the expansion of the airport would be “a new attack” against its natural and agrarian values ​​and the aquifer system. Likewise, they denounce that the agreements that were made with the extension of T1 del Prat have been breached for more than 20 years.

On the other hand, they point out that expanding the airport infrastructures also compromises the climate objectives of the Generalitat and cites a recent report from the Urban Development Agency, Barcelona Regional, which estimates that the expansion of the El Prat airport will increase, at least, 33% CO2 emissions. For all these reasons, the organizations demand that investments be prioritized “according to the general interest” and are committed to daily public transport and the integration of the railway system.