Monday, December 4

Economy obtained net financing for almost $ 750,000 million in 2021

In the previous day, the Treasury had raised $ 334,445 million, more than it planned to get to cover the $ 292,000 million that expire between December 31 and January 3. The aforementioned Lecer was the one that attracted the highest funding ($ 90,337 million), while among the three Ledes they added another $ 146,018 million.

The remainder was distributed between a very short-term letter available exclusively for Common Investment Funds (Lelites), a bond adjustable to a Badlar Rate, and two bonds tied to the CER (Boncer).

Based on the results of both rounds, the portfolio led by Martín Guzmán obtained a net debt in pesos of $ 161,711 million in December, the highest of the year and which represented a refinancing rate of 150% with respect to the maturities that were in the month . The particularity of this tender was that the Economy validated a rate hike of between 0.35 and 0.60 points.

In the accumulated of 2021, the net financing represented a roll-over 122% compared to the maturities of the period.

The Government had initially proposed to obtain financing via the market for $ 900,000 million, although later they modified the objective and placed it at a minimum of $ 600,000 million, a goal that could finally be exceeded.

However, the goal of financing mix for the fiscal deficit, consisting of 60% by issuance and 40% by debt, was not met. Finally, the assistance of the Central Bank represented about 70% of the State’s red, leaving 30% for what was achieved in the bids of the Ministry of Finance.