Wednesday, February 21

Economy raised $ 334,445 million and closes December with the second highest net financing in 2021

Parallel, 53% of the adjudicated debt corresponded to four fixed rate instruments. Within this segment, the demand for Discount Letter (Ledes) maturing in February of next year stood out, at a rate of almost 41%.

37% corresponded to three titles indexed to inflation (CER), among which highlighted the placement of a Lecer with a deadline in October next year and an agreed real yield of 1.26%.

By last, the remaining 10% of the tender was linked to a Badlar rate adjustable bond (+ 5.25% yield), with a deadline of February 2023.

With what he obtained on this day, plus the $ 105,000 million of net financing that he had obtained in previous tenders, to the Treasury on remainder to face the $ 292,377 million maturing between December 31 and January 3.

From these numbers, in December Economy shows a net debt of $ 147,074 million, the second highest amount of the year behind June. In addition, in the accumulated of 2021 the figure amounts to $ 731,405 million, which implies a refinancing rate of 121% compared to the maturities that existed in the period, and is equivalent to about 1.6% of GDP.

It should be remembered that the government’s goal was to finance itself via the market for $ 900,000 million, something that it finally could not achieve due mainly to some meager tenders at the beginning of the second semester. For next year the ruling party estimates that it will get debt in local currency for 2% of the product.

The first tender in 2022 will take place next Wednesday, January 12, as previously reported in the preliminary tender schedule for the first semester.