Wednesday, February 21

Economy will seek to obtain more than $ 260,000 million in the last tender of the year

From the previous bids in December, the Ministry of Finance managed to obtain a net balance of pesos in excess of $ 100,000 million, which gave him an important “cushion” to meet his end-of-month obligations.

But to continue enriching the financing in pesos via the market, and reduce dependence on the Central Bank (BCRA) issuance, the portfolio led by Martín Guzmán will make eight securities available to investors this Wednesday.

On the one hand, a Treasury Liquidity Bill (Lelites) will be placed Very short term (expiration on January 14, 2022), only available for Common Investment Funds registered with the National Securities Commission (CNV).

The market will also be able to buy three LEDs (at a fixed rate), with maturities in February, April and May of next year, respectively, and a bonus at Badlar Rate + 5.25%, with a deadline of February 2023.

In parallel, there will be three titles indexed to inflation: one letter (Lecer) maturing in October 2022, and two bonds (Boncer), with terms to August 2023 and July 2024, respectively.

The bidding of all the titles, except the Lelites, will be carried out by means of a price indication. In the case of the Point Lecer, it must be equal to or greater than the minimum price of $ 990 for every $ 1,000 of nominal value (VNO), while the other instruments will not have a minimum or maximum price.

In these cases, there will be a competitive and a non-competitive leg. The offers presented in the competitive tranches must indicate the amount of VNO to be subscribed and the price for each VNO of $ 1,000, with two decimal places. The offers that are presented in the non-competitive tranches will be limited to a maximum amount of VNO $ 3,000,000, only the amount to be subscribed must be consigned.

The Lelites bid will be for adhesion at the price of $ 986.88, for every $ 1,000 of VNO.

It should also be clarified that the Ledes and Lecer may be requested in the second round of the tender, which will take place this Thursday, one day after the first round.