Sunday, March 26

Eduardo Casanova denounces the messages of “profound hate” on his social networks

The actor and director Eduardo Casanova has revealed in the stories from his Instagram profile the reception of a private message that he has described as “deeply hateful” in which he is called “cynical, serious and playboy”. The interpreter has made the message public and the user who has sent it to him, naming the profile of the National Police to bring it to their attention, and has replied saying that “serophobia is very dangerous and contributes even more to the stigma of seropositive people.

Eduardo Casanova, director of ‘Pieles’: “We have many barriers to cross”

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“It is a message of homophobic and serophobic hate and I think that among all of us we must denounce this person and make him understand how confused he is, how old he is and the damage he can do,” he added.

The interpreter drew attention in his participation in the Goya awards gala last Saturday with a suit, by the 27-year-old designer Jaime Álvarez for the Mans brand, which broke with the uniformity of the outfits masculine and that was inscribed in the aesthetic coordinates of his next film The piety. From the moment the images of the red carpet began to be published, a barrage of hate messages began on social networks against Casanova.

In them, he recovered an old hoax in which he is accused of receiving a million euros in public aid for his film skins, when he only received 12,000 euros as help for his participation in the Berlinale. In fact, the message that Casanova has made public in the aforementioned social network also alluded to that hoax and asked that he return the money.

“The Goyas are always a special night almost never without controversy,” the actor wrote. “And I understand it. There are always comments of all kinds, especially because of your way of dressing, the good ones (which this year have been many!), and I sincerely appreciate it and the bad ones, which I deeply respect because for tastes colors,” he said.