Friday, September 24

Eduardo Ranz, the mayor of Fuenlabrada and Juan Lobato will compete for the leadership of the PSOE of Madrid

The deadlines have not yet officially begun, but everything is practically ready for the dispute over the leadership of the PSOE in Madrid, which has been vacant since May, when José Manuel Franco resigned after the hit of the socialists in the 4M elections against Isabel Díaz Ayuso. For now there are four leaders willing to take over the reins of the organization that is experiencing its lowest hours after losing the hegemony of the left in favor of Más Madrid after decades without touching the Puerta del Sol: memorial lawyer Eduardo Ranz; the mayor of Fuenlabrada, Javier Ayala; the deputy in the regional Assembly and deputy spokesperson of the parliamentary group, Juan Lobato, and the general secretary of Paracuellos del Jarama, Eva Llarandi, who already announced her candidacy weeks ago.

The primaries in which the next general secretary of the PSOE in Madrid will be elected will be on October 23, but the four candidates have already prepared their teams and this summer the phones have barely stopped ringing. Although the gears are in motion, Ayala, Lobato and Ranz remain publicly silent until the process formally begins, especially as of September 1, when Sánchez presents his candidacy to the general secretary of the party. However, they have until September 17.

The movements to take over the leadership of the always convulsed Madrid federation began months ago. Just 48 hours after the defeat of the 4M and the upheaval that occurred in the socialist ranks with the resignation of Franco and the subsequent resignation of the act of Ángel Gabilondo, Lobato, who was the number four of the candidacy and is deputy spokesperson in the The Assembly did not rule out running for the general secretary, a bet he tried four years ago, when Sánchez supported José Manuel Franco, and garnered 20% of the votes. “I take responsibility for a deep renewal process to be carried out,” he said in an interview on Cadena SER. His words ran like wildfire within the party and important leaders considered that he had rushed to take a step forward at a time when the manager, controlled by Ferraz and Moncloa, wanted to focus the process on the program before it was spoken of the names.

Shortly after, three mayors reignited the fire by demanding from the pages of El País a municipal turn in the party. The manager and many council members felt like a jug of cold water that Ayala and the mayors of Getafe, Sara Hernández, and Alcorcón, Natalia de Andrés, jumped to the fore. They had to come up with the call for a press conference in which they demanded that their “reflections” not be misinterpreted. “We are talking about building the party,” said the mayor of Fuenlabrada, who is one of the few councilors who governs with a comfortable absolute majority. This summer they have been adding support from leaders who are already working on Ayala’s candidacy, who have “the decision taken to guarantee that there are primaries and that the militancy choose on the party model,” say sources from their environment.

There is also a group of socialists promoting a candidacy that for now is articulated around the figure of the lawyer Eduardo Ranz, who is one of the main defenders of the victims of historical memory in processes such as the exhumation of the Lapeña brothers. “We are working in a coordinated way with the manager so that there is a consensus candidacy that avoids personalities and solutions that are not the most optimal,” say sources familiar with that project who shoot Lobato and Ayala.

However, both the manager who directs the party on a provisional basis and Ferraz and Moncloa assure that on this occasion they will remain on the sidelines of the Madrid process after years of interference from the socialist leadership in that federation. Some sources suggest that the support that the current Government delegate in the Community of Madrid, Mercedes González, would receive, who has sympathy both in Moncloa and in the socialist leadership, has been probed. However, she recently rejected herself and this Monday supported Lobato’s candidacy in an interview on Cadena SER, a gesture that has been interpreted by sectors of the party as a sign that the leadership supports the deputy and former mayor of Soto del Real . A position in which some of the sources consulted see González is as general secretary of the Madrid City Association when it is constituted with its eyes set on the candidacy for mayor of the capital.

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