Monday, December 4

Eduardo Valenti: The Experience of the Worker and the Community

So was this 2021, similar to a continuation of that 2020 that we longed for so much for it to end. And yet, with the people we follow on this ship of life, modified in so many ways. 2021 is the year of courage and innovation where we decided to go out and try after the year of fear, anger and the step to acceptance.

This is how this year has become successful in so many things. We have clearly learned to take better care of ourselves. We have become convinced of the real value and possibility of remote work. Generations that we believed irreconcilable came together and markets and businesses were opened that we did not yet know would exist so quickly and so successfully. Industries were consolidated, while some emerged, others were reinvented and many others in an almost inexplicable way with the appearance of the black swan, they simply ceased to exist. The paradigms of the value of work were changed, talent moved between industries and we revalued what we have always taken for granted.

We have realized that so many things can be done with small modifications, but above all, something fundamental has returned to our minds, the experience of the worker. What the value of work means for people and the mandatory relationship that we must have in organizations to think about the success, efficiency and goals of the company exactly at the same level that we do now thinking about happiness, tranquility, certainty and value of the work for the person. Everything that has happened to us has led us to evolve to this thought of thinking of the worker as the client to whom we must focus on providing the best experience of service and value so that we continue to create together.

And in this way, 2022 enters, with a forced openness to change, uncertainty and the unknown, but also with an enormous opportunity to promote lifelong learning among people, the appreciation of the unknown when seen with the innocent eyes of children. to what will come. We continue to learn to control that fear and navigate with curiosity, rather than being scared. Every day the opportunity to see something new and reinvent everything.

We have traded bureaucratic comfort for creative awkwardness, which has led industries to have enormous clarity in changing the focus of what it means to serve and create value for all their stakeholders.

We can think of the years to come as the opportunity that life gives us, first of all to continue here doing everything we do and value it. Do not forget it as we get closer and closer to the original normalities. To continue creating in our wake and leave more valuable traces behind us.

Yes, 2022 will start full of challenges, as it does every year in every season, but also with a high focus on the Community. In the value of the person and the continuous need to learn to be better for others and above all by cultivating an increasingly Community thought, where we are all responsible for others. The human as the center, but not individually, but of a community in which it is inserted.

Eduardo Valenti is Vice President of Human Resources at The Home Depot México and President of ERIAC Capital Humano.