Monday, December 5

Education forces an ikastola to return 140,000 euros for inflating enrollment to continue charging for the concert

An order from the Basque Minister of Education, Jokin Bildarratz, signed on September 20 but published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV) orders the Zubimusu ikastola, a private center arranged with public funds located in the town of Villabona ( Gipuzkoa), which reimburses the Autonomous Administration the amounts corresponding to the financing of two classrooms due to “registration irregularities”. Specifically, the registration of two Infant classrooms that did not reach the minimum required to continue receiving the educational concert was falsified. According to ‘El Diario Vasco’ and official sources confirm, the amount amounts to approximately 140,000 euros and Ikastolen Elkartea, employer of this type of center, assures that there has been no bad faith but simply that the real data has been misplaced.

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“Irregularities in enrollment at the CPEIPS Zubimusu Ikastola HLBHIP center in Villabona (Gipuzkoa) were detected by the inspection service of the Department of Education and communicated to the Gipuzkoa Territorial Delegation, the corresponding disciplinary file was initiated. Reviewed the registration data and constituted the conciliation commission, dated May 23, 2022 and in accordance with the provisions of articles 69, 87 and 88 of Decree 293/1987, of September 8, which approves the Regulation of Educational Concerts agrees to modify the concert in the stage of early childhood education, second cycle, for the aforementioned center for the 2021-2022 school year and the reimbursement of the amounts paid corresponding to the units to be modified”, can be read in the announcement of Education in the BOPV. There is an appeal to this decision, both internal and a contentious-administrative before the Superior Court of Justice, although the sources consulted emphasize that the sanction proposal comes after a conciliation between the parties.

This action, unprecedented in recent years, has been known in the midst of educational reform. Euskadi has 50% of students enrolled in private schools, the highest figure in Spain, and the pact has urged the Government to prioritize public schools. Even before the promised new law can enter into force, the draft of which has already been released, Bildarratz has promised that it will tighten the requirements for accessing the agreement system by decree. He has promised that there will be concrete measures to prevent private centers from charging hidden fees if they receive public funds, something that is already prohibited but continues to occur. The agreement, signed between the two government parties, PNV and PSE-EE, and the two main opposition forces, EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, also provides for a gateway to “publish” private centers.