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eFootball launches plagued with justified criticism | Digital Trends Spanish

Today, September 30, it was finally released eFootball, Konami’s new soccer game that came to replace the old one PES.

We already knew the peculiarities of this launch: the game is free to play and in its release the equipment and game modes are very limited, as if it were a demo. Konami has promised that over time, the rest of the content will be added and for some of them you will have to pay.

However, for what is making news eFootball At its launch it is not due to the lack of content or its game system, but because of how strange some faces are, even some that are part of the official license, such as Leonel Messi himself.

In social networks, the images have been decisive: Leo Messi’s face looks a bit different:

Messi in the efootball☠☠☠⚰⚰⚰☠☠☠⚰☠⚰☠⚰

& mdash; 𝔸𝕟𝕤𝕦 𝔽𝕒𝕟 (@ GoldeAnsu10) September 30, 2021

Now this may have an explanation. And is that eFootball It was released on both old generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) as well as new ones and on Steam. And particularly in the Xbox Series X version, Leo Messi doesn’t look like the image above:

Something similar happens with Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been mocked on social networks for his facial expression. However, I looked for the worst angle of CR7’s face in the game and it must be said that the results are not at all disastrous, at least on next-gen platforms:

Now, strictly speaking, the faces of the players are a detail in the general framework; Bad or bad, most of the time is spent looking at the court and not the expressions of the players when running or falling.

Perhaps the worst of eFootball At its launch, it’s not even the lack of content, but the fact that the game doesn’t turn out very well overall. Many actions on the field are confusing, the physics and the collisions of the players are sometimes fine but other times they do not make any sense. And the new controls for dribbling or dribbling They end up complicating more than helping the cause.

Anyway, eFootball It is for now a work in progress, which will be updated not only with more content but with various adjustments that put it up to what fans expect. But at least so far, the game has not had a good reception from people and its reviews on Steam are proof of that.

Given this complex launch, it’s hard to overlook the feeling that this is Konami’s latest attempt to compete seriously against its biggest rival (the FIFA series) and judging from the menus and options, everything seems to indicate that the future of eFootball shouts “mobile game” from the rooftops.

Time will tell.

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