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Ego4D: Facebook’s project to control you with AI | Digital Trends Spanish

Amid weeks of intense controversy, the people of Facebook does not stop its arsenal of innovations and this October 14 announced Ego4D, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project that will allow controlling the interaction of people with their environment, remembering movements and daily processes.

“AI generally learns from photos and videos captured in the third person, but next-generation AI will have to learn from videos that show the world from the center of the action. Understanding the world from this point of view could unlock a new era of immersive experiences, as devices such as augmented reality (AR) glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets become as useful in everyday life as smartphones. ”, They comment in the department of development and innovation.

For this, Facebook made an agreement with 13 universities and laboratories in nine countries, to collect more than 2,200 hours of first-person video in nature, with more than 700 participants who develop their daily lives.

Among the things that the social network intends to work with with its glasses and with Ego4D are situations such as:

  • Episodic memory: What happened when? (for example, “Where did I leave my keys?”)
  • Forecast: What am I likely to do next? (eg “Wait, you’ve already added salt to this recipe”)
  • Hand and object manipulation: What am I doing? (for example, “Teach me to play the drums”)
  • Average day of an individual in audiovisual form: Who said what when? (for example, “What was the main topic during the class?”)
  • Social interaction: Who is interacting with whom? (for example, “Help me better listen to the person speaking to me in this noisy restaurant”)

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