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EH Bildu cries out against the Transition on November 20 and fills Bilbao with an “anti-fascist wall”

Several thousand people have walked the streets of Bilbao this Saturday in a demonstration called by EH Bildu in which they have demanded “a Euskal Herria of free and equal.” The protesters, who were called by the coalition to build an “anti-fascist wall”, left at 5:30 p.m. and, at the end of the march, the general coordinator, Arnaldo Otegi, demanded “respect” for the Basque nation and ” to their right to self-determination “. “It is a true miracle that the Basque people are still standing, but it is not enough just to resist: we must liberate, transform, build the country,” he proclaimed.

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The leader of the nationalist left has appealed to continue working to “lead the people to freedom.” “We are going slowly because we are going far. The peoples cannot have as a strategic horizon only to resist. We have learned, it has cost us a lot, but the natural state of the peoples is not resistance, but freedom, just like the natural state of the workers is not exploitation, but equality “, he explained. Otegi, who on several occasions has had to stop because of coughing spells, has ironized about it: “I’m coughing a little. Probably tomorrow the Teleberri [el informativo principal de la cadena de televisión pública vasca] will say that I have spread the coronavirus in Bilbao. “The message comes after, in recent days, the PNV, taking advantage of the rebound in COVID-19 and the entry into force of new guidelines to deal with it, has redoubled pressure on the national coalition. “I have no doubt that EH Bildu will do whatever it takes to ensure that the demonstration [por la de este sábado] is carried out with sanitary guarantees and in accordance with current guidelines, “Andoni Ortuzar launched on Wednesday, the same day that the Basque Government spokesman, Bingen Zupiria, recalled that any act,” whatever the condition, “should be carried out in accordance with the As an example of such acts, he put that of “a demonstration.”

Otegi has located the origin of “all or a good part of the problems” in a Transition model that he considers to be in crisis and that “it is leaking.” “Getting Franco out of the Valley of the Fallen is easy; the difficult thing is to expel the fascists from the state apparatuses,” he illustrated. Among winks at various movements — youth, union, worker, feminist, environmentalist—, he has called for the articulation of a “historical and national bloc” that will lead to “a new political status.” “For centuries there has been a strategy to make this people disappear, to destroy the independence movement, but we are alive. The Basque people have known how to face, from the popular will and the organization, a strategy that sought their disappearance,” he protested . Otegi has concluded the intervention with a “memory to the relatives who are visiting the prisoners [de ETA] for the prisons of the Spanish State, “which was followed by shouts of ‘Euskal presoak, etxera’ among the protesters.

An EH Bildu militant, Garazi Perea, who has vindicated a “dignified people” present both in the institutions – “We are also in Madrid”, has also proclaimed on more than one occasion – has also spoken in front of the people that have gathered. in the streets to confront “fascists, classists, authoritarians and sexists.” “This people has shown once again that it is not willing to take steps back. Some are terrified that EH Bildu is in the institutions, because they know that we are the only alternative for this country,” he said, referring to those who refer to the militants and sympathizers of EH Bildu as “bilduetarras, segregating classists and feminazis”.

“Political responsibilities”

The demonstration was held on a symbolic date for the nationalist left, since on November 20, 1984 and 1989 respectively, the charges of Herri Batasuna Santiago Brouard and Josu Muguruza were assassinated by the GAL. Arnaldo Otegi himself, in the afternoon address to the protesters who have toured Bilbao, recalled that, 32 and 37 years ago, on those same stairs they raised the two. “They wanted to destroy our project, but here we are: standing up,” he said.

“Today’s is not a date chosen at random. On 20-N Franco died, but not the Franco regime,” has been stressed, in fact, from EH Bildu. On Saturday morning, the Egiari Zor Foundation held an act in which it demanded that “political responsibilities for the tragedy caused by State terrorism be assumed.” “The victims and those affected by state violence and terrorism and all those who question the democratic character of the Spanish State are an increasingly evident obstacle,” stated, according to Europa Press, Ane Muguruza, daughter of one of the murdered who were honored on the spot. It has also required “courage” to acknowledge the “damage caused.” “Because no, state terrorism is not only the GAL”, has abounded.

The floral offering that was held at noon in Ametzola was followed half an hour later by the act organized by Egiari Zor in Rekalde. In it, several positions of EH Bildu have been seen, such as Maddalen Iriarte, spokesperson for the Abertzale coalition in the Basque Parliament; Arkaitz Rodríguez, General Secretary of Sortu, and Deputy Mertxe Aizpurua. “Today we have remembered Santi, Josu and the thousands of victims of state violence,” Rodríguez said in social networks, who has asked “recognition” for all the victims and “the whole truth.” Also on November 20, 1978, ETA machine-gunned some thirty policemen who were playing soccer near the Basauri barracks and murdered two of them, Benjamín Sancho and José Benito Sánchez.

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