Friday, September 22

EH Bildu does not consider that Escrivá breaches the agreement to raise non-contributory pensions by 15%

EH Bildu has no doubts about compliance with the agreement reached with the Government last week to raise non-contributory pensions by 15% through the new anti-crisis decree prepared by the Executive. The spokeswoman for the pro-independence formation in Congress, Mertxe Aizpurua, has assured that the Government itself has confirmed the inclusion of this initiative in the aforementioned plan despite the information published this Tuesday by The Basque Journal which indicates that the Executive would rule out incorporating the rise in these pensions into the text.

Escrivá saves one of the last obstacles to carry out the law on public pension funds

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“We do not contemplate another scenario than the fulfillment of the agreement that led to our abstention in the opinion of the pension plans”, Aizpurua assured at a press conference, recalling that EH Bildu abstained last week in the Labor Commission to allow the Government carry out the opinion of the aforementioned law on public pensions.

Aizpurua has assured that the agreement is “confirmed” by the Security Minister himself, José Luis Escrivá, and that “he did it on Friday at a press conference”. “We have no other perspective of its being fulfilled”, he insisted, before recalling that the agreement to increase non-contributory pensions “represents an important respite” for the situation of a large number of pensioners.

“Neither by the Government nor by the PSOE have we made any changes in this regard. There is no change about it. The negotiation was with the Ministry of Inclusion and the agreement was approved by the Ministry of Finance. I don’t see any possible doubts on the subject”, he remarked.

Asked about the inclusion of the rise in the new anti-crisis plan, Aizpurua has assured that she has “no reason to think that it will not be like that”. “I don’t see a horizon other than that agreement being fulfilled. We have spoken with the Government today and they have confirmed that there is no change and that the agreement is maintained ”, she has insisted over and over again.

EH Bildu considers that the increase in non-contributory pensions agreed with the Government “will represent an enormous benefit for thousands and thousands of pensioners, especially for women and disabled people who receive misery pensions”. “In a situation of crisis and rising prices like the current one, these pensioners are one of the most vulnerable sectors to protect and, thanks to this agreement, these pensioners will see their pensions increase between 60 and 100 euros per month,” they point out from the independence formation.

“Shield” public pensions

The proposal to revalue the lowest pensions immediately was one of the claims that EH Bildu transferred to the Government in April to expand the scope of the anti-crisis decree, a demand that will be met soon. Likewise, the agreement closed this Thursday “will ensure that not a single euro from Social Security, from the public system, is allocated to the pension fund, thus avoiding the decapitalization of Social Security and shielding public pensions and their sustainability,” he points out. Eh Bildu.

“We know that it is not enough, but we are sure that this measure will bring relief to thousands and thousands of pensioners and one more step on the road to the dignity they deserve. Today we take another step towards that goal. This achievement would not have been possible without the push of the pensioners’ movement”, assured the deputy of EH Bildu Iñaki Ruiz de Pinedo.