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Eight delicious chocolates in all formats to succumb to temptation

In another of our articles entitled Six cheeses “Made in Italy” that you can find on Amazon we anticipate the arrival of a report for all those who prefer chocolate over cheese, and as promised is debt, here we bring you the perfect excuse to please everyone with a chocolate heart.

But these are not just any recommendations, rather we have chosen some original and surprising chocolates, the kind that escape the typical flavor of black or milk cocoa. Nuts, fruity tones and those of different origins reign in these chocolates and tablets.

If you want to know more about these and other versions of the sweet par excellence, here is a range of chocolates that will delight your palate, that of the person you give them to, or both.

one. Turkish delight with chocolate

These Turkish delights from Mughe Gourmet are not only called that because of their taste, but also because they are the literal translation of the word lokum, one of the most famous desserts in Turkey, which consists of a jelly, in this case, with strawberry flavour, orange, mint and pink.

But what gives this sweet a different touch is the milk chocolate that covers each gummy to form a delicious and aromatic chocolate fruit.

two. Amatller chocolate basket

Created in 1800, the Amatller brand has created this assortment of original chocolates, among which we find two 85% cocoa dark chocolate bars from Ghana and Ecuador. In the mini version you can also eat two 70% cocoa origin chocolate bars and enjoy a box with delicious Amatllons, a few portions of white chocolate, almonds, sugar and cocoa powder.

3. Mocha Chocolate Bombs for Coffee

The most original gift for coffee lovers are these five chocolate bombs filled with instant coffee that dissolve before your eyes. The preparation method is very easy: place a pump of moka latte in an empty cup, pour over it six ounces of hot milk, stir the pump to dissolve it and, enjoy a rich cocoa coffee from the Thoughtfully brand! !

Four. Belgian chocolate pralines with raspberry

These typical Belgian chocolates covered with raspberry powder will surprise you when you bite into them when you discover the liquid of crème de cassis that they hide, a sweet and creamy liqueur made with currant.

Although these Chamball Royal chocolates are raspberry, we also find them in milk chocolate filled with raspberryfrom candied orange or of white chocolate with limoncelloamong others.

5. Black and dark chocolate truffles with pistachio

The sister of the chocolate but with a creamier bite due to its recipe based on melted chocolate, butter, icing sugar and egg yolk. These T’a Milano truffles stand out for their strong cocoa flavor, but above all for the presence of nuts such as pistachio cream inside and hazelnuts. 17 truffles from a pastry shop in the center of Milan and collected in a perfect box to make a good gift for all lovers of chocolate and nuts.

6. White chocolate bar with caramel and liquorice

Do you want to leave behind the bars of dark or milk chocolate? This white chocolate with caramel and liquorice from CG is the perfect way to innovate in your desserts or in any table setting. It is not only its flavor that makes it different, but also its origin, since it was founded by the Alemagna, a historical family specialized in this type of sweets and haute confectionery. A 60 g tablet for 3.96 euros.

7. Assortment of pralines: back to the chocolates, this assortment of Chocolissimo pralines is the salvation for all the undecided, since among them you will find an infinity of nuances: vanilla, hazelnuts, raspberry, grape, coffee, passion fruit, etc.

Of course, it is better to warn that they are not for all audiences, because some of them have liquors such as rum or champagne, among others. In addition, you will find them wrapped in a wooden box that you can reuse or that will be the perfect backdrop for a more than sweet surprise.

8. chocolate making kit

This is the different way of eating chocolate, since before you have been able to have a good time with your family making it yourself with the little ones or even to give a personalized gift.

Although no chocolate is included in the set, all you have to do is refine your favorite and spice it up with one of the eleven sachets of spices in the kit, among which you will find anise, mint, carrot, pepper or chilli flavors, among others.

In addition, to complete the kit, you will find a manual, three customizable folding boxes, seven plastic bags and two silicone molds so that your tablet is incomparable.

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