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Eight great classic restaurants where to start autumn elegantly

In the streets of all the cities of Spain, the signs of the bars and restaurants are changing with a frequency that is unattainable for any human stomach, to the point that one no longer knows what criterion to trust when choosing, because variety goes to the trends service.

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Faced with this frenzy, the owners of these restaurants, whether they are new generations or even catering groups, have opted for preserve tradition at all levels.

Since decoration, undertaking incredible restorations to leave it like new, going through its ancestral recipes and even the quality of its service, with stately manners that we have longed for in many establishments.

For this reason, we have tried to bring you here a selection of those that we have had the opportunity to meet, although, if you know others in your area that, unfortunately, have been able to escape us, do not hesitate to share them in comments and we will try to review them on another occasion.

In Barcelona

In 1771, the stoves of European Fund, where they continue with the same motto: preserve the traditional flavors of Catalan gastronomy with an emphasis on fried foods, rice dishes, offal, snacks, etc., in an exclusive atmosphere due to its halls decorated with old paintings and imposing lamps. site within the Hotel Fonda Europain Calle d’Agustí Viñamata, 2, 08402 Granollers, Barcelona.

Meson Hispania: in 1952, Joaquim Rexach and his wife, Rosario Suró, bought the Hispania garage and converted it into this wonder with classic rooms, one of which is still preserved as is, with photos of all the famous people who have passed through there, including Robert de Niro.

The mother, a lifelong cook, taught her daughters Paquita and Lolita Rexach how to make the product at its best. And that is why they continue to triumph with Catalan recipes such as the “ganxet” bean salad with tomato and onion, the stewed pig’s foot with stuffed cabbage or the fricassee with aubergines. Road Ral 54, Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.

In Madrid

Three centuries have passed under the etiquette lamps, the refined tablecloths and the elegant walls of the lhardy. This landmark in Madrid has been able to preserve the courtly and aristocratic atmosphere of 19th century Madrid in its recent restoration, where even the lovers’ telephone has been preserved.

Its exquisite service brings to the table with sublime attention the best formulas of classic cuisine such as its clams, the baby squid, the mythical tripe or the tender Wellington sirloin and, to finish, the cheese trolley or the soufflé are essential. Calle Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8.

“The truly modern never goes out of style, and that is how the classics are born.” This is how it is defined Mazarin that, after its last remodeling from top to bottom, respects the style of the 70s, including the quality of the service, which even scrambles the fried eggs with shrimp and potatoes on its menu, one of the best value for money in Madrid.

Share their croquettes, their white prawns or the tomato with basil. And don’t forget to ask for the Mazarino sirloin or schnitzel, their cheesecake or their tocinillo de cielo, whether you sit at their bar, in their main hall, on their terrace or on their preserved upper floor. Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 13.

In sevilla

Taberna Picacho was its original name in 1968, although 20 years later everyone began to know it by its current name: Becerrita. Two generations of father and son learned the art of hospitality at the bar among various dining rooms in neutral tones where Seville’s culture and art are committed. Its Russian salad, its tasty tapas and even gastronomic routes such as that of the fighting bull make this restaurant a classic in Seville. Recaredo Street, 9.

In Zaragoza

Entering through your door as if it were a home, The chalet It ceased to be so to become a gastronomic oasis with several rooms and a sophisticated terrace, led by chef Ángel Conde.

You cannot miss their tasting menu with starters such as spider crab and seafood ravioli, fresh pasta and crayfish cream. As a second, choosing the steak tartar is a success.

If not, you can choose between fish such as sea bream or bonito and meats such as lamb and Iberian fan. And to end a meal that cannot be had without one of its 400 wines and spirits, desserts such as cheesecake and red fruit sorbet or hot chocolate fritters. Santa Teresa de Jesus Street, 25.

At mallorca

Villa Louisa: Located in a family estate from 1923, it has recovered the essence of the beautiful property with sea views, rescuing from the stone walls to the hydraulic floor and the wooden beams to see the port of Sóller from its upper room. The terrace is ideal for cocktails, but what is impressive is its cuisine, by chef Lluis Got.

To share, salad with baked potato, eel and fried seaweed, different for its smoked flavor; followed by little tuna with figs, croissant bread and roasted garlic ajoblanco, the same one that stars in their alioli, which goes great with their sweet cod croquettes or on top of their millefeuille bravas.

Delicious marinated salmon with trempó salad or sea bass in beurre blanc sauce with vermouth and, above all, the free-range chicken stuffed with its farce with mushrooms and vegetables, Iberian pork, Porto sauce and even sobrassada. If you miss the wines of Mallorca and the cheesecake, you will regret it for a lifetime. Passeig Es Traves, 20, Puerto Soller.

in Biscay

Aspaldiko: In May 1988, this restaurant opened, restoring after four centuries of laborious existence as a farmhouse, which is why it is recognized as a “qualified cultural asset in the monument category” representative of traditional Basque architecture, both inside and out. At a gastronomic level, they have several menus to choose from, in addition to the Aspaldiko and Baserri tastings. Zabaloetxe Etorbidea, 14, Loiu.

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