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Eight ideas to reuse all your paper bags

If you have more paper bags in storage than will fit in your kitchen drawers, you can always recycle them. But there are many practical ways to reuse them, which will be useful at home and with which, incidentally, we give the planet a break.

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It is not so strange: one out of every four bags that we use in Spain is already a paper bag, an option that does not stop growing and that seems to have been imposed, especially in bakeries (where they account for 97%), according to the data of the manufacturers association The paper bag.

And not only: at least eight out of ten bags that they give us in clothing stores, opticians and shoe stores are also made of paper. And this despite the impact they have on the climate, as we tell you in this article.

Practical uses for your paper bags

1. To cover your garbage can

It may be the easiest and most obvious way to give your paper bags a second use before ending up in the trash; but, in addition, you will be reducing the use of plastic.

A precaution: just remember not to throw any liquid in the bucket, because the bag will break, and all the contents will end up on the ground during your trip to the garbage container.

2. Use it to recycle your paper

Another practical and obvious use: but if you use your paper bag to store the rest of the paper and cardboard that you plan to take to the blue recycling container, you have saved the planet another disposable plastic bag.

3. Protect your books

You can use your paper bag to make a protective cover for your books: you will avoid furtive glances in the subway or on the train (if you do not like other travelers to know what you are reading) and you will also protect the cover from the typical wear and tear that carrying involves. books from here to there.

Highly recommended, too, so that they survive your trips to the pool or the beach. There’s more: if you want to add a uniform touch to your living room bookcase, try line them with your paper bags. But in order not to get lost, you will have to label them or write the title on the spines.

4. Use paper bags to organize your kitchen

If your paper bags are in good condition, you can use them to organize kitchen utensils, among other objects; so they will be useful to put order. You just need to roll them up to the height you want and paint them (if you want) in your favorite color: ready to put whatever you need inside. [Aquí tienes, además, 18 modos de dar un segundo uso a tus periódicos viejos.]

5. Line the inside of your drawers

Sometimes the inside of the drawers gets scratched, stained or worn from so much use. But protecting them is as simple as cutting those paper bags to size, and putting them inside your drawers. [Aprende cómo reutilizar el cartón de las compras online y ahorrarte hasta 100 euros.]

6. Make disposable placemats

Cut out a rectangle from the side of your bag and use it to make a disposable placemat; Very useful when you have a meal out, for example, a picnic or a snack on the beach.

Or paint it to decorate a festive table, for example. You can make the shape of the plate, draw the silhouette of the cutlery, or put gold paint circles, if the occasion deserves it.

If there are children at home, save these disposable placemats for their table: after eating, you can take out the box of paints, and you will have them entertained for a while!

7. To cover your plastic pots

If you have a smaller paper bag, you can turn it over (if you don’t like the motif on it), and make a pot cover to hide an ugly plastic container. And you can also paint it, and even add polka dots.

8. A tablecloth or table runner with paper bags

Take a basic shopping bag, and cut both the base and the side folds, to make a rectangle of paper. Repeat the process with several more paper bags, of the same size, until, when joined, you get a sufficient length to cover the length of your table.

With a paper hole punch, poke holes in the sides of each rectangle; and sew or knot a piece of string to join the pieces. And so on, until you have a table runner with paper bags; that is very nice in dinners or special meals.

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