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Eight original types of sausages perfect for surprising your guests with a great picnic

At what table hasn’t a good ham been served for Christmas? And who hasn’t eaten some macaroni with chorizo? Or a loin sandwich for a snack? The use of sausages in Mediterranean cuisine it is, in addition to being essential, suitable for any situation: from the most everyday to the most special.

It’s not every day you leave picnicTherefore, when the occasion requires it, taking out the gourmet trays is a guaranteed success. The loin or the chorizo ​​are some of the constants in each vermouth, but in this list not only do they appear in their premium version, but you can also find others that will surprise your guests for their originality and flavor.

Deer fuet with pepper

A different version to the one we are used to, since this Montes Universales fuet, in addition to being deer, is seasoned with pepper to give it more personality. Handcrafted in the Sierra de Albarracín, it has a powerful and long-lasting flavor that will surprise the most demanding palates.

With its typical color of red meat hidden under the coating of the spicy spice, it will give an original touch to your picnic. 220 g for 11.25 euros. In the event that this variety of fuet does not make you very happy, you have the option of buying it with fine herbs, wild boar (both for 13.60 euros) or sliced (8.70 euros) to arrive and serve.

Iberian Ham

The king of any Spanish picnic, a sliced ​​Iberian ham perfect to eat on its own, with Pa Amb Tomàquet or in a good sandwich with oil. This Sánchez Romero Carvajal is peculiar for its delicate flavor of nuts, aromatic herbs and fruits.

To these nuances we must add that its production is manual and the hands that cut it do so with finesse to enhance its properties. As a product originating in Jabugo, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated at 3-7 ºC so that it does not lose its intensity until it is time to serve it. 19.90 euros for 70 g.

Chorizo ​​Iberian black pudding

A sausage for the bravest palates because this typical blood sausage from Jaén has a spicy and unusual taste. Chorizo ​​sausage is nothing more than pork meat and fat, a mix between chorizo ​​and blood sausage to which spices are added before stuffing it into a casing for curing and selling it in the form of drag.

Indicated to eat it raw or in a sandwich, it is likely to be the surprise of the picnic, since its consumption is not as common as that of other sausages. this of 350 g of Carchelejo is available for 4.50 euros.

sliced ​​loin

One of those that have the lowest fat content but with a high quality that cannot be missing accompanying a cheese board, some olives or other sausages. This gourmet loin from Telmo Foods is made from the dorsal part of the Iberian pig, an area that hardly contains fat but does have flavor and texture.

And since it is eaten raw, all you have to do is open the package and enjoy! Although there is the option of cut it yourself for 24.20 euros, you can find this pack of three sachets so that you never miss a snack at home for 19.99 euros.

Chorizo ​​and longaniza pack

Going on a picnic is already an extraordinary plan, but it will be even more so if you find these handmade chorizos and longanizas on top of the blanket. These two sausages are, without a doubt, the ones that reign the most among any appetizer, but what distinguishes these Rodi Gourmet from the rest is that they do not contain preservatives, gluten or lactose.

So, in addition to retaining their natural taste, they are suitable for any diet. And you will not be short, because this pack contains a box of eight cases, four of chorizo ​​and four of longaniza, for 69.90 euros.

beef jerky

Its flavor stands out for being slightly salty and for its smoky tone derived from the maturation process. Of Leonese origin, it has multiple beneficial contributions to health such as its high protein, zinc and vitamin B12 content, its absence of sugar and its source of minerals.

Tasting it at room temperature and in very thin slices is an important recommendation, since this will maintain its essence in a good sandwich, an appetizer or a picnic accompanied by a little cheese. This 100% natural beef jerky from Embutidos Ezequiel is within your reach for 23.95 euros.

Mix of sausage trays:

In this Salumi Pasini mix come the best Italian cured meats, to amaze your guests at any meal in the countryside or by the pool. In addition to not having to worry about buying them separately, they all come sliced ​​in ten types of trays of campagnolo salami, cooked ham, pork and punta d’anca bresaola, roast turkey, ham, coppa, speck, mortadella and roast pork porchetta . For 34.90 euros.

Basket with sausages, wine, cheese and oil

To pass the level and be the quintessential host of picnics, this is the definitive basket from Monte Lueño, a family business that maintains its great-grandmother’s recipes recreated in long maturation processes.

Located in the Sierra de Sanabria, its unique microclimate makes the curing of pork derivatives optimal and they can offer foods such as these: Iberian salami, sweet Iberian chorizo, five-star selection ham and cured meat.

And to accompany the sausages, the batch also includes aged sheep cheese, cured sheep cheese, wedges of cow, goat and sheep cheese, a bottle of wine, another of extra virgin olive oil and a bag of gourmet picks. At 72.95 euros the basket.

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