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Eight tips from the National Police to prevent theft at home if you go on vacation

The holidays are here and amid the hustle and bustle of packing and forgetting anything, some simple security measures are often overlooked for leave the house safe from unwanted visitors.

Six keys to leave the house plants when we go on vacation

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Despite the situation we are currently experiencing, it is estimated that in Spain 71% of people plan to travel this summer, according to a new report of the National Observatory of Outbound Tourism (ObservaTUR). And August is, again, the main month of the summer holidays (41%), followed by July (32%).

The data also reveals a remarkable figure: the majority of travelers (56%) will leave as minimum eight days (only 18% will exceed 15 days). Enough time so that, if we do not leave everything well prepared before leaving, we will be victims of a robbery during our absence.

Because, as the data also corroborate, August is also, of all the months of the year, preferred by thieves to commit robberies in homes, taking advantage of the fact that they are empty. Therefore, planning vacations also implies taking care of the security of our home.

The following recommendations of the National Police they will help us not to forget the most important aspects.

1. Check that doors and windows are properly closed

The doors and windows of access to the house must be closed. Above all, access to patios and terraces, which are areas that can be more unprotected and those that make the work of thieves easier.

Although it seems logical, sometimes we can forget a half-open window -for example, the bathroom- to avoid bad smells. Any opening can be exploited by thieves to enter the house.

It is worth having good closures, both on doors and windows. A simple lock door is easier to open, while an anti-theft door makes the task of thieves more difficult.

Investing in this type of safer closures is a guarantee that will allow us to leave with more peace of mind. Especially if we take into account that the main door is one of the most common entry points, followed by the windows.

2. Don’t lower the blinds all the way

Although it seems contradictory to the previous recommendation, it is not. A half-lowered blind is a sign that there is life on the other side and that the house may be occupied. On the other hand, the blinds completely down are saying that there is no one inside, that it is empty, and that nothing and no one will prevent us from entering.

3. Program lights and an appliance to turn on and off

Everything that conveys the appearance of being inhabited in our house is positive and one more insurance. We can install a programmable clock that illuminates the house by rooms, even that turns lights and appliances such as the television on and off at different times.

These devices, sold in hardware stores and easy to install (between the plug and a lamp or appliance), allow you to program the periodic ignition of different electrical appliances.

4. Remove valuables

It is advisable to remove all valuables and money to a safe place. The places where we usually keep them at home are not a secret for thieves, who go straight to them. Credit institutions, or a trusted family member, can take care of them during the holidays.

5. Empty the mailbox

There is nothing that calls more attention than the house is empty like a pile of letters accumulating in the mailbox. In the background, a mailbox full of correspondence is giving clues that, indeed, we are not at home. Therefore, before we leave, we will empty the mailbox and ask someone we trust, a neighbor or family member, to collect the letters periodically during our absence. In this way we will avoid giving clues that we are not at home.

6. Be careful with the messages we leave

We must not disclose information about our vacations on social media. Almost eight out of ten thieves They search social media for “empty” houses during the summer holidays. This means that they are looking at our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (even our location if we are sharing it) to make their particular August.

7. Have home insurance

Although this measure will not prevent someone from entering our house, it will lessen the displeasure and minimize the damage. The repair of damages and compensation for the stolen objects are assumed by the insurance company.

8. Connect the alarm (if we have)

If we have an alarm, we must connect it. There are advanced security systems that may even have security cameras and a direct line to a security center. Agree that they are not infallible, but at least they will allow us to detect if there has been any activity at home.

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