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El Chapulín Colorado will be coming to Fortnite very soon | Digital Trends Spanish

Till the date, Fortnite has hosted various superheroes in the game: from Batman to Superman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man. But the time has come to get out of the traditional and include a more typical Spanish-speaking hero: neither more nor less than Chapulín Colorado.

From November 2, the Chapulín Colorado will be within Fortnite with all its equipment: starting from the suit and not only that of the original character, but there will also be some specific ones for other classes of characters: Agent Colorado, Captain Colorada, Soldier Colorado, Amazona Colorada, Guerrero Colorado, Guerrera Colorada, Hero Colorado, Heroine Colorada, Defender Colorado and Defender Colorada.

More agile than a turtle, stronger than a mouse, more noble than a lettuce, its shield is a heart… It is El Chapulín Colorado!

Always ready to save the day. El Chapulín Colorado jumps to Fortnite on November 1!

& mdash; Fortnite_ES (@Fortnite_ES) October 29, 2021

A gesture of victory is added to the previous costumes (Don’t let the cunic panda!), a backpack accessory called Paralizatrón CH-3000 and a pick with the mythical name Chipote Chillón.

Epic Games says that this collaboration comes as part of the celebration of 51 years since Roberto Gómez Bolaños introduced the character for the first time and that thanks to his kindness and clumsiness he became an icon. Not only in their country of origin (Mexico), but throughout Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries.

It is not clear yet if the Chapulín Colorado will be a temporary addition to Fortnite or if your image and accessories will remain permanently from the game. But it is likely that thanks to this addition, the game will add some new players in the region, probably some who have never tried it and who will do so at least out of curiosity.

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