Saturday, March 25

‘El Mundo’ and ‘ABC’ show the exit door to Casado

The newspaper ‘ABC’ and ‘El Mundo’ are already calling for the immediate resignation of Pablo Casado as leader of the PP. In the case of ‘ABC’, its paper cover this Monday is a full page dedicated to his editorial, entitled: ‘Married, a forced resignation’. Meanwhile, ‘El Mundo’ opens with a survey that reflects the collapse of the PP and calls in an editorial for “an immediate step back” from its leader and the convening of an extraordinary congress. On the opposite side, ‘La Razón’ asks not to rush.

The ‘ABC’ editorial also opened the website of the conservative newspaper this Sunday, an unusual position for this type of content, which marks the editorial line of the medium. ‘ABC’ considers that “the civil war in the PP has become so unsustainable and lacking in negotiated solutions, that Pablo Casado must resign as national president of the party in the next few hours.” This medium openly positions itself against the leader of the PP, of whom it affirms that “he has not been able to resolve a crisis that has already infected the party, the bases, the militancy and millions of voters throughout Spain” and whose intervention, this Friday in the Cope, in which he pointed out a possible influence peddling of the Madrid president Isabel Díaz Ayuso in favor of her brother and little exemplary, “it was not that of a pacifying leader of the party willing to lead a solution”.

For ‘ABC’, “it is the party that is at stake” and the crisis would no longer be solved even with the negotiated exit of Secretary General Teodoro García Egea, whose head some leaders are asking for. “It is the electoral brand that will irreversibly remain marked and unusable as long as Casado continues in it,” estimates the newspaper, which calls for “an extraordinary congress”, which must be held “in April or May, at the latest”.

‘El Mundo’ aligns itself with ‘ABC’ and also calls for Pablo Casado’s “immediate step back” and the calling of an extraordinary congress as the “only step” that fits to preserve the future of the PP. “Casado and Egea incapacitated themselves to continue leading the formation that has taken Spain out of some of its most difficult situations in the democratic stage,” says this newspaper, which also adds that Casado does not have “not even the support of the PP voters”.

‘El Mundo’ publishes a Sigma Dos survey carried out with two polls, the last of which was carried out on Friday the 18th, when the war in the PP had already broken out publicly and Ayuso had acknowledged that his brother charged a commission for the company’s contract of a family friend with the Community of Madrid. In that second poll, the PP had lost 4.2 points and 19 seats, while Vox was only 1.8 points behind the PP and “a third of its voters have gone with Abascal and another 25% are thinking about it “.

On Saturday, this newspaper dedicated an editorial to the “natural leadership” of the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “If, as Feijóo himself has claimed, Casado fails to put the pieces of the party back together after his clash with Ayuso, the center-right awaits -and with it a broad constitutionalist base, orphan of exciting representation- the natural leadership of Alberto Núñez Feijóo”, they said .

The editorial of ‘The Reason‘, on the other hand, asks not to “add haste to error”, in reference to the request of some popular barons to call an extraordinary advance of the PP congress. “It would only serve as a battlefield between some factions that, today, have wounds on the surface. It is not just pretending that time tempers passions, but also discouraging the search for quick, urgent solutions, which never serve to fix the things”, collects ‘La Razón’.