Wednesday, August 17

El Salvador May Issue Other Bitcoin-Based Bonds, Blockstream Official Says

Last Saturday, November 20, 2021, El Salvador announced the construction of the Bitcoin City, from the issuance of bonds based on Bitcoin for this purpose. But, according to the specialist behind these bonds, the country could issue many other types of bonds.

Samson Mow, Head of Strategy at Blockstream, commented to CriptoNoticias, that there is the potential for El Salvador to issue other bonds on Liquid, Bitcoin’s sidechain, for other development projects in addition to the bitcoiner metropolis.

“The identifier of the bond is EBB1, for El Salvador Bitcoin Bond 1, which implies that there will be other bonds launched in series in the future. Each one will be fungible on its own, so for anyone who has an EBB1, swapping them with each other will be the same. However, they will not be exchanged in the same market, as each bond will be issued on different occasions, each bitcoin will be bought on different occasions, and the purpose of the project will be different as well.

Samson Mow, Head of Strategy at Blockstream

Samson Mow (photo) explains that El Salvador could launch other bonds in Liquid. Source: Luis Esparragoza – CriptoNoticias.

Mow also highlighted that by working completely on the Liquid network, users can withdraw the bonus from the exchange where they have it deposited and take care of its custody, as well as exchanging them directly between users without intermediaries.

“Users could even coordinate by WhatsApp and exchange the voucher. You can probably use it even on decentralized exchanges built on Liquid like TDex, ”he stated.

Samson was interviewed by CriptoNoticias exclusively from El Salvador, a recording that we will publish in its full version soon in our YouTube channel.