Thursday, September 21

El Vendrell studies raising rates on banks that do not serve the elderly in person

The City Council of El Vendrell will study increasing occupancy rate of public roads at banking entities that do not guarantee face-to-face care for the elderly throughout the working day.

It has been agreed by the municipal plenary session of the Baix Penedès population when approving a resolution proposal from the Primàries Catalunya group to avoid the digital divide of elderly bank customers.

The text proposes to considerably increase the occupancy rate that entities pay to have ATMs on the street, going from the current 848 euros to collect 10,000, with a 90% bonus for banks that do attend elderly people in person. Finally, the plenary has agreed to study an increase, without specifying the amount.

Appeal to the Generalitat and central government

The resolution proposal has been approved after the same plenary session has agreed to create a Study Commission to write a preliminary project of modification of ordinances. It will be this commission that will evaluate changing the occupancy rate that banks are charged to have ATMs on public roads, with the aim of penalizing those that do not offer face-to-face service.

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Regarding the text presented by Primàries, it was agreed to ask the Generalitat and the Spanish Government to work to improve the care that banks provide to the elderly. There was also a commitment from the City Council to work preferably with banking entities that show deference to older people.

In the text, Primàries regrets that there are many residents who feel excluded from the banking system because it has experienced a wide digitization the later years for which older people are often unprepared.