Saturday, May 28

Elda Mata, elected new president of the Catalan Civil Society with 99% of the votes

Until now Territorial Vice President of the Catalan Civil Society (SCC), Elda Mata, has been elected as the new president of the entity with 99% of the votes of the members, and thus relieves Fernando Sánchez Costa after three years in the post.

Sánchez Costa, Catalan Civil Society: “It is important to break the identification between Spain and the right”

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In the Assembly held this Sunday, the partners have unanimously endorsed Mata’s strategic plan, which in his candidacy has promised “firmness in the defense of the constitutional rights of all Catalans”, the entity reports in a statement.

She has highlighted her “commitment to constitutionalist growth outside the Barcelona metropolitan area”, and has called on civil, social and economic actors to get involved in order to avoid the economic decline that, according to her, exists in Catalonia.

The Assembly has approved the accounts for 2021 and the Budget for 2022, which amounts to 378,000 euros, as well as the proposal for the Board of Directors presented by Mata: the only vice-presidency will be occupied by the doctor Álex Ramos; the secretary, the lawyer Eloy Moreno and the treasury will be exercised by the businesswoman Maraya Perinat, and she will have five members. In his acceptance speech, Sánchez Costa highlighted the work of the Catalan Civil Society “to break the spiral of silence and stop the ‘procés'”.

Born in Barcelona (1953), Mata has pursued her professional career as a businesswoman and manager of various agricultural and tourism businesses in the province of Girona, and for 17 years she has worked as a volunteer, member and president of the local Red Cross Assembly.

In 2019 he assumed the provincial presidency of SCC Girona, and a year later Sánchez Costa proposed that he assume the Territorial Vice-Presidency of the entity, a position he has held to date.