Wednesday, May 18, the most chosen native digital medium to follow information about 4M is once again positioned as the most consulted digital native medium. The study by the Sociological Research Center (CIS) on the regional elections in Madrid on May 4 reveals that 9.5% of those who were informed about these elections in the digital press affirm that elDiario is the medium they followed the most.

This newspaper is therefore positioned ahead of other newspapers without a paper edition such as El Confidencial (5.5%) or Pú (3.1%). Including other media that do have a print edition, ranks third, only behind El País (27.8%) and El Mundo (17.5%).

These percentages have been calculated with respect to the total number of citizens who claim to have used the digital press to find out about the elections. Of the total respondents, 28.6% reported mainly through this type of media –only surpassed by television, for which 41.3% opted–, 14% turned to the digital press in second place and 6.3%, in third place. This implies that 4.7% of all those interviewed pointed to as the digital medium that they read the most.

These data corroborate a leadership that has already been pointed out by multiple studies. The Reuters Institute of the University of Ofxord, which produces a report in 46 countries, ranked a few days ago as the most widely read native digital medium for the third consecutive year: 14% of those surveyed say they read it at least once a week.

The CIS itself has also shown in previous studies the wide audience of this medium. The barometer released last January revealed that 6.2% of those who had read a digital newspaper in the last month or in the last week had turned to, a figure higher than that of the rest of digital natives.

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