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The new threat of breaking Vox’s support for the coalition government in Andalusia has not made a dent in the spirits of the Junta. It has not been the first time that those of Abascal question, at least verbally, to continue supporting the parliamentary initiatives of PP and Ciudadanos. The latest notices came on account of the reception of migrant minors from Ceuta or the controversy around a bullfighting show starring people with disabilities, and this Monday it was the national leader of Vox who warned that he was breaking “all contact” with the Andalusian partners if they did not comply with their investiture agreement of January 2019. The response of the Andalusian spokesman has been clear: “We are always together”, Bendodo said after the Governing Council, considering the relationship with the extreme right as ” the strongest and most stable in recent years between a government and a parliamentary group “because” the more times the rupture has been announced, the more agreements are carried out “by virtue of Vox’s” sense of responsibility “.

The Andalusian Government paves the way for the electoral advance

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In fact, the will of the Board is to “complete” the legislature “for this first Government of change”, and wanted to remember that “the call for change was three-way: PP, Citizens and Vox”, appealing that “none of the three we can disappoint the expectations of change “. “The three of us are knowing how to put the interests of Andalusians above party interests,” argued Bendodo, who is committed to maintaining “the pact until the end of the legislature.” The model “works”, he argued.

The spokesman, who has concentrated the aspirations of the Board on “the fight against the pandemic and economic reactivation and job creation”, acknowledges “discrepancies” because “we are different parties and better laws come out of those discrepancies.” Bendodo foresees that the elections to the Andalusian Parliament will be “at the end of 2022”, noting that “the dissolution would be in the month of October” and that “a year of intense and fruitful legislature” remains ahead. “In this year the three forces are going to give the best of ourselves,” he announced.

Bendodo has defended the preparation of the 2022 Budgets project because “stability is the differential fact of Andalusia with respect to other territories”, pointing out that the president of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, has instructed the Minister of Finance and European Financing, Juan Bravo, “to negotiate with all groups the Budgets in a timely manner.” In this sense, he has indicated that “the will of the entire government” is to carry out the 2022 Budget but, if there is not enough parliamentary support, the alternative would be to extend the current one. It would be “the last option”, Bendodo has considered, because the electoral horizon is at the end of 2022 “with the four Budgets approved in a timely manner”, discarding the negotiating table on the regional accounts proposed this Monday by the Secretary General of the Andalusian PSOE, Juan Espadas.

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