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Electric car startup Canoo confirms battery fire | Digital Trends Spanish

The electric truck startup Canoo confirmed that in August 2021 it suffered a fire during a test of lithium-ion batteries, the same ones that its pickups are expected to use when they go on sale in 2023.

The fire occurred in the parking lot of Canoo’s Torrance, California offices, which was the company’s operational headquarters before it moved to Bentonville, Arkansas in November.

Agnes Gomes-Koizumi, Communication Director at Canoo, said to the portal The Verge that the fire started because the battery was stored in a sealed container that was pressurized, causing the fire.

“We had a small fire for a few hours during a test to destroy a car battery module,” the spokeswoman said. “Someone made the mistake of placing it in a sealed container,” he detailed.

According to the incident report from the Torrance Fire Department, the fire started inside a Ford car. The model was not identified and was surrogated by Canoo for transport duties.

Canoo is a company based in the city of Los Angeles that manufactures electric cars with very peculiar designs and that have functionality and versatility in mind and as their goal. The startup works on models such as the Canoo Pick Up, a truck with a particular aesthetic, with a front like a bubble and very straight lines on the sides that hide more than one surprise.


The incident adds to the list of fire reports linked to electric car batteries. In 2018, a pre-production model of the startup Faraday Future caught fire, while in February 2021 a prototype Lordstown Motors pickup truck burned during a test drive.

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