Friday, September 24

Electricity finally reaches Revilla, an uninhabited nucleus of Huesca where a family has settled

Electricity has reached the nucleus of Revilla, belonging to the municipality of Tella-Sin, in the Huesca Pyrenees, which had been depopulated for decades, but where a family has settled this summer. This action has been carried out by burying five kilometers of power line from Arinzué, another of the 12 nuclei that are part of the aforementioned municipality.

The investment has been 675,000 euros and it has been developed in the last ten years, coming from both the Tella-Sin City Council’s own funds, which has contributed around 163,000 euros, and from grants from the Provincial Council of Huesca (300,000 euros ), the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and the Environment through the investment plan for the Centennial of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park (165,000 euros) and the Department of Industry and Competitiveness of the Government of Aragon (another 45,000 euros).

Revilla is the starting point for hiking or trekking routes, as well as other sports linked to the mountains. It has recovered in recent years part of its activity, largely linked to the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, the Huesca County Council reported in a press release.

The president of the DPH, Miguel Gracia, has visited the town this week and has underlined the importance of collaboration between institutions to improve the quality of life of rural inhabitants, “guardians of the environment, customs and traditions, in short, guardians of life “.

As he has said, “the sum of efforts is, on many occasions, the only way to carry out initiatives or projects whose sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of small municipalities.”

In his opinion, “it is essential to achieve a balance between this development and sustainability, which requires compensation to those who preserve and guard the environment, since the inhabitants of the rural environment are the best guardians of the territory, of its customs and traditions.” In addition, he added, “sustainability must be compatible with life projects.” BIG STEP

The mayor of Tella-Sin, Feliciano Sesé, has valued as a “great step” for “life here” the completion of the electrification project. “There are twelve houses and all of them are rehabilitated, the arrival of the light has brought hope for the future for this population nucleus,” he continued, “so much so that a little over a month ago the first family settled permanently. , and we hope that several of those who have recovered other houses will make the same decision soon. ”

“Light is essential for life today” and with the arrival of electricity “we improve the quality of life of those who have their homes here” and also “of the growing number of visitors that each year come to this area of ​​the Region de Sobrarbe, “Sesé highlighted.