Monday, January 24

Elektra de Salinas Pliego begins accepting payments with bitcoin and with a Christmas discount

The international trading company Elektra, owned by Ricardo Salinas, one of the wealthiest men in Mexico, has announced a new agreement with BitPay that will allow the company to accept payments in bitcoin (BTC) and with a Christmas discount.

The new functionality was published Today in an announcement through the company’s website where the terms and conditions of payments with the first of the cryptocurrencies are detailed. Users who pay for your purchases with BTC before December 31st, you will enjoy a 20% discount.

Last September Salinas Pliego shared a message on Twitter in which highlighted the ease of payments with cryptocurrencies and at that time he pointed out that “soon” the Grupo Elektra stores would include that payment method that arrives three months later.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, recently Exits recommended buying bitcoin while criticizing the issuance of money from the United States. The Mexican businessman, also owner of Banco Azteca, has publicly acknowledged that part of his investment portfolio is in the leading cryptocurrency.