Friday, March 31

Elizondo: “It’s good for a country that has no investments”

However, he warned: “I see a risk if this agreement is intended to also have a geopolitical link. Most of the countries, Chile, for example, that joined the new Silk Road, have done so within a framework of making it clear that one thing is trade link projects, receiving investments and another thing are geopolitical references” , expands the specialist.

“I am concerned that this will end up being an opportunity for Argentina to also enter into a game of geopolitics and adhesion to China that, in the framework of the new tensions in the world, would be a mistake,” says Elizondo.

Asked about how long it would take for investments to arrive, he said that “you never know when they will be disbursed because the Chinese set conditions, therefore, there is no deadline and the deadline will depend on whether the conditions they are going to ask for are met. The Chinese do not give money away,” Elizondo explained.

In this framework, he indicated: “We will have to see the fine print on what conditions the Chinese set to start disbursing investments in terms of the exchange rate, availability of business profits and which Chinese companies participate.”