Tuesday, December 6

Elizondo’s neighbor disappeared during the storm in Navarra

In the early hours of this Saturday, a search device was launched to try to locate a 61-year-old neighbor of Elizondo, who had disappeared since Friday when he left his house on his way to work in a company in Lesaka, without arriving to his destiny.

The floods in Navarra, in images

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Three patrols of the Provincial Police tried unsuccessfully to locate Elizondo’s neighbor throughout Friday along secondary roads, paths and tracks since the main road was closed, so it is thought that the missing person would have opted for an alternative route, as sources from the Government of Navarra have explained to Europa Press.

It is planned that the search device will be reinforced and, weather permitting, will be supported by the helicopter of the Aquatic Rescue Group. The search will focus on all the journeys between Elizondo and the Lesaka company where the missing person works.

The rainstorm associated with the Barra squall continues to affect Navarra with overflowing rivers and floods that have forced the eviction of people in localities on the lower course of the Arga River, with roadblocks that affect the main network. For this reason, the Government of Navarra advises reducing mobility to a minimum and not traveling by road except in cases of extreme necessity.

The Ebro river begins to overflow as it passes through Tudela

The rains registered have caused flooding in the rivers that have caused flooding in the towns of the northern half of Navarra, with overflows in the lower course of the Arga, so the riverside populations of the Ebro river are kept on alert, where they are already floods are recorded in Tudela in the area of ​​Paseo del Prado and municipal swimming pools, as reported by the mayor of the city, Alejandro Toquero.

At the moment Verjas Street is closed to traffic, the Local Police of Tudela has reported, which has indicated that, for the moment, there are few conditions as a result of the overflows.

The Tudela City Council has activated the flood emergency level 1 due to the flood forecast of the Ebro flow, which currently has a height of 4.57 meters and drags a flow of 2,087 m3 / s, with an upward trend. As it passes through Castejón, the river has a height of 7.66 meters and a flow of 2,244 m3 / s, according to real-time capacity data from the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation.

The peak of its avenue is expected to reach Castejón around 10 p.m. this Saturday with a flow of 2,900 cubic meters per second, and Tudela around 1.30 a.m. on Sunday with a flow of 2,880 m3 / s. Given these figures, the Tudela City Council is in emergency phase 1, which starts up when the observed flow threshold reaches 1,600 cubic meters, and is preparing to enter level 2, which includes overflows with serious conditions .

The Tudela City Council has emphasized that those who have orchards and huts in La Mejana and other municipalities near the river, evict the animals from them as soon as possible. In this sense, the bullring has been enabled to accommodate horses that cannot be transferred to another place. In this case, the owners can contact the Municipal Police.