Friday, September 24

Elon Musk announces date of Tesla Model 2 without steering wheel? | Digital Trends Spanish

Although many details are not yet known, the Tesla Model 2 stands out as one of the most anticipated electric vehicles by fans of the sector.

One of the points that most seduces is its price, which, according to Elon Musk, would reach 25 thousand dollars, a figure much lower than that of the Model 3. Thus, according to experts, the Tesla Model 2 could become one of the most important cars of the company.

It is a kind of strategy and it would respond to the intention of the company to allow a much larger group of people to access their electric vehicles.

This would be possible thanks to the next structural batteries that could help reduce the costs associated with the manufacture of the different models.

While few details of the vehicle are known, now at least we know when it could hit the market.

According to a post by Electrek, Elon Musk would have announced in a recent internal meeting, that the main objective is to start the production of the vehicle in 2023.

Thus, everything indicates that the presentation of the car could occur that same year, or in 2022.

Reports also indicate that this car could appear without a steering wheel or pedals, which seems unlikely as Tesla has not yet finalized development of its fully autonomous driving software.

In fact, this system has suffered several delays in the last time due to a series of flaws that have caused accidents, one of them with a fatal victim.

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