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Elon Musk cobra CEO da Binance by Dogecoin scans

Binance’s CEO received a public message from Elon Musk, who demanded an explanation about the Dogecoin withdrawals held at the brokerage. This is the first time Musk has publicly charged any company in the cryptocurrency industry.

Remember that Dogecoin withdrawals have been stuck at Binance for a few days, after the brokerage performed a disastrous update, which resulted in thousands of coins being sent to wallets around the world.

However, those who received these DOGE may no longer have access to the wallet to return the amount. It is also important to remember that these coins were withdrawn in previous years, when the coin was not worth that much.

Thus, Binance locked accounts of users who did not return Dogecoins, sent by the broker’s error. Many will have to pay to gain access to their accounts again, and this controversy has reached even the richest man in the world.

Elon Musk charges Binance CEO and says broker’s behavior is dubious

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, considered the richest man in the world, joined the fray to protect Binance’s customers.

According to a publication made by him this Tuesday (23), the broker’s behavior is doubtful. Thus, he made it clear that he disapproves of the blocking of Dogecoin withdrawals at the world’s largest brokerage.

He addressed the message directly to Binance CEO, CZ, as he delivered his speech, showing that his speech was no joke.

“Hey @cz_binance, what’s up with your Doge customers? It looks dodgy.”

The speech by Musk, avowed Dogecoin fan and part of that community, was in response to a post on the Coindesk website, which mentioned that world regulators already have an improved perception of the business.

Brokerage tried to explain, but Elon Musk was not at all convinced

It is noteworthy that the profile of the CEO of Binance, marked by Musk, ended up seeing the problem and defended that the broker is transparent, not hiding anything from clients.

In addition, Binance’s Twitter profile ran to make a series of publications, seeking to explain what had happened.

“Hey @elonmusk – no, nothing obscure – just frustrating and we’re working on it.”

On Publication, Binance explained that the “root cause is a technical issue during the recent upgrade process that caused old transactions to be resent to 1,674 users“. The broker recalled that this problem only happened on this platform, but that it should take a few more days to be corrected, a week or more.

But Binance’s explanations went far from convincing Elon Musk, who said the broker’s mistakes shouldn’t affect its Dogecoin clients, who should be protected.

“Doge holders using Binance must be protected from errors that are not their fault.”

After his speech, Elon Musk still You sent to Binance a message from the Dogecoin Developers, indicating that there may be the solution that the brokerage has not yet found. In any case, Musk made it clear that he is not happy with the problem and demanded solutions from the world’s largest brokerage.

Why did Elon Musk get involved in this problem?

It’s still unclear why Elon Musk gets involved in Binance’s Dogecoin withdrawal problem. But before that he had commented in a post about the DOGE community leaving coins sitting at brokerages.

According to a coin fan, users should not leave coins in loan programs at brokerages, nor use brokerages as a wallet. Mishaboar said people should keep their cryptocurrencies in private wallets, taking liquidity out of the market.

Thus, Elon Musk said this is wisdom, moments before attacking Binance by blocked serves.

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